Hock 3 1/2'' Straight-Edge Krenov-Style Plane AssembliesHock 3 1/2'' Straight-Edge Krenov-Style Plane Assemblies
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Hock 4 1/2'' Straight-Edge Krenov-Style Plane AssembliesHock 4 1/2'' Straight-Edge Krenov-Style Plane Assemblies
Hock 4 1/2'' Straight-Edge Krenov-Style Plane Assemblies
We have always stocked the 3½" length blade but now have the 4½" available too.
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Hock 3 1/2'' Radius-Edge Krenov-Style Plane AssembliesHock 3 1/2'' Radius-Edge Krenov-Style Plane Assemblies
Hock 3 1/2'' Radius-Edge Krenov-Style Plane Assemblies
These Ron Hock blades were developed in collaboration with James Krenov's Fine-Woodworking studio in Fort Bragg. They are 3/16" thick, they won't deflect or chatter under the toughest use. The are designed specifically for the finely tuned handmade wooden planes. The bevel is 30° and they come complete with chip-breaker and assembly screw. Made from high carbon steel.
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Hock Wooden Spokeshave BladesHock Wooden Spokeshave Blades
Hock Wooden Spokeshave Blades
These are the two-threaded-post style carbon steel blades and yes, the brass thumbnuts are included. The small blade has a 11/2" cutting edge and is 2 1/2" by 7/16" overall. The larger blade has a 2 3/4" cutting edge and is 4 7/16" x 5/8" overall.
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Hock Woodworking Plane KitHock Woodworking Plane Kit
Hock Woodworking Plane Kit
Ron Hock's precision made kit provides a quick, sure way to realize the satisfaction of using a handmade wooden plane. Complete with a HOCK PLANE-IRON ASSEMBLY all you need is a drill, some clamps, glue, a knife to adjust the throat, sandpaper (or plane) to true the sole, and a means of sharpening the iron. A HOCK plane kit is ideal for the novice as well as the professional woodworker who can't...
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Hock Block Plane KitHock Block Plane Kit
Hock Block Plane Kit
Here Ron Hock offers a small version of their ever-popular Krenov-style wooden plane kit. This handy Block Plane comes with a 1" wide blade, ends up 5¾" long and trims down to 5" or less depending on your needs. Jatoba body.
£60.00 inc VAT

Hock Shoulder Plane KitHock Shoulder Plane Kit
Hock Shoulder Plane Kit
The Shoulder Plane Kit is precision-made from beech and jatoba for beauty, performance and durability. This easy-to-assemble kit requires a only drill (for the locator dowels), some glue and clamps, and some fine tuning and shaping to complete. The bevel-down blade is bedded at 37.5° for low-angle end-grain planing of shoulders. 3/4" Tee Blade (#SH075) is included.
£86.00 inc VAT
Hock Scraper Plane Kit
Hock Scraper Plane Kit
The Ron Hock Scraper Plane Kits are precision-made from jatoba. The O1 Hock blade is bedded at 95° and hardened to Rc58 for burr "rollability". The parts are taller than their Krenov-style Plane Kit to allow for necessary blade access and a comfortable grip. 1 3/4" Iron Width x 11" Finished Length
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Hock Spokeshave KitHock Spokeshave Kit
Hock Spokeshave Kit
Ron Hock has done all the cutting for their jatoba Spokeshave Kit - you just have to glue in the brass wear-strip and shape the handles to suit your hands. All the parts are included: depth-adjuster set screws, brass thumb screws to secure the blade and a HOCK blade (SP062S). A fun, simple and affordable way to add a wooden spokeshave to your tool chest.
£77.00 inc VAT