Flexcut Slip Strop PW12Flexcut Slip Strop PW12
Flexcut Slip Strop PW12
The Flexcut SlipStrop™ is an economical way for maintaining a tools razor edge. It has been specially moulded to allow for polishing and deburring the hard to reach areas on the inside of V-tools and gouges as well as the outside edge bevel. Either side of the strop can be used. Each SlipStrop includes a mini-bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound and detailed instructions.
£29.40 inc VAT
Flexcut Knife Strop PW14Flexcut Knife Strop PW14
Flexcut Knife Strop PW14
This Flexcut Knife Strop has an 8'' by 2'' leather stropping surface, designed exclusively for keeping your knife blades sharp. Includes Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound.
£23.90 inc VAT

Flexcut Double Sided Paddle StropFlexcut Double Sided Paddle Strop
Flexcut Double Sided Paddle Strop
Flexcut Double Sided Paddle Strop has an 10" by 3" stroppping surface on both sides. The rough leather surface is used in conjunction with the Flexcut Polishing Compound (included), the fine side is a smooth leather surface for final finishing. Ideal for larger tools / blades.
£63.90 inc VAT
Flexcut Hook Strop PW17
Flexcut Hook Strop PW17
The Flexcut Hook Strop is used to polish the inside edge of any hook knife. The inside edge needs to be polished regularly to keep it razor sharp. The Hook Strop is also used to remove the wire edge that forms after sharpening your hook knives with a Flexcut Hook Hone. A bar of Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound and an instructional guide are also included.
£34.90 inc VAT

Flexcut Hook Hone PW18Flexcut Hook Hone PW18
Flexcut Hook Hone PW18
The Flexcut Hook Hone is used to sharpen the inside edge of any hook knife. This sharpening tool used abrasive paper as a more aggressive solution than stropping to remove nicks and scratches from the cutting edge. Includes 400 and 600-grit abrasive paper and an instructional guide.
£41.40 inc VAT
Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound PW11
Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound PW11
Flexcut Gold™ Polishing Compound has been specially formulated to apply like a crayon. Its blend of aluminium and titanium oxide provide a balance between aggressive removal of hardened tool steel and offering a high-colour polish.
£15.90 inc VAT