David Barron Dovetail GuideDavid Barron Dovetail Guide
David Barron Dovetail Guide
The David Barron Dovetail Guides designed to guide a saw with powerful magnets for perfect cuts every time! Cuts both pins and tails, on through and half blind dovetails. Angles available 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:7 and 1:8. Made in the UK
£39.60 inc VAT
David Barron 45° GuideDavid Barron 45° Guide
David Barron 45° Guide
A useful aluminium magnetic guide from David Barron for making exact 45° cuts. Great for dovetail mitres, mouldings, picture frames etc.
£46.80 inc VAT

David Barron 90° GuideDavid Barron 90° Guide
David Barron 90° Guide
A very useful aluminium magnetic jig from David Barron for guiding a saw at right angles. Great for cutting shoulders, tenons, cheeks and variable finger joints. Will work with any style hand saw although the Gyokucho 372 saw works a treat for both cross and rip cuts.
£46.80 inc VAT
David Barron Dovetail Spline GuideDavid Barron Dovetail Spline Guide
David Barron Dovetail Spline Guide
Designed by David Barron to be used across the mitred corners of boxes. It accurately cuts the slots for reinforcing splines, with a 1:6 dovetail angles on one side and a 90° edge on the other.
£43.20 inc VAT

David Barron Dovetail Saw
David Barron Dovetail Saw
As recommened by David Barron the Gyokucho 372 "traditional" dozuki. Replaceable super hard silver steel blade will last for years.
£54.00 inc VAT
Replacement Blade for David Barron Dovetail Saw
Replacement Blade for David Barron Dovetail Saw
A replacement blade for the David Barron saw - the Gyokucho 372 "traditional" dozuki. Replaceable super hard silver steel blade will last for years.
£24.00 inc VAT

Veritas Dovetail Saw and Magnetic GuideVeritas Dovetail Saw and Magnetic Guide
Veritas Dovetail Saw and Magnetic Guide
Hand-cut dovetails remain the mark of the skilled cabinetmaker and a feature that buyers look for in high-end furniture. Veritas has developed a guide and saw system that lets amateurs achieve professional results. The system also allows the seasoned expert to produce dovetail joints more quickly and with less effort. The Veritas Magnetic Dovetail 1:8 Guide, clamps in position and holds the saw...
from £24.50 inc VAT
Veritas Magnetic Saw GuidesVeritas Magnetic Saw Guides
Veritas Magnetic Saw Guides
This anodised aluminium Veritas Magnetic Saw Guide helps keep your saw on the right track and perpendicular to a workpiece. It provides a registration surface about 32mm tall. It is particularly useful when crosscutting tenon shoulders or the edges of a dado, which is where you want your saw to cut straight and true. You can hold the guide onto your workpiece with a hand or secure it with clamps. The...
from £32.70 inc VAT

Veritas Saw Guide Clamps
Veritas Saw Guide Clamps
These Veritas Saw Guide Clamps are 50mm capacity clamps are anodised aluminium with solid brass screws and pads. They fit into the T-slot on the underside of the saw guide leaving the upper surface clear. These clamps ensure the guide is secure and firmly held in place resulting in a higher degree of accuracy. Note they can also be used with the magnetic saw guide.
£40.90 inc VAT