Crucible Chairpanzee Analog ComputerCrucible Chairpanzee Analog Computer
Crucible Chairpanzee Analog Computer
Chairmaking is complex enough without having to worry about the trigonometry used to calculate the drilling and sighting angles for a chair’s legs and spindles. The Chairpanzee does all the maths for you with its simple, no-maths-needed interface. Simply slide the tool’s interior card so the splay you desire appears in its top window. Choose the rake you wish in the window below. The...
£18.50 inc VAT
Crucible Pinch RodsCrucible Pinch Rods
Crucible Pinch Rods
Please Note: Wood is not included. While there are many ways to determine if an assembled carcase is square, the easiest method is to use “pinch rods” to compare the corner-to-corner measurements. Unlike using measurements to compare the diagonals, pinch rods do not depend on reading and remembering dimensions. So they are much less prone to error. Also, pinch rods allow you to bring...
£66.00 inc VAT

Joseph Marples Trial 1 - Presentation SetJoseph Marples Trial 1 - Presentation Set
Joseph Marples Trial 1 - Presentation Set
TRIAL 1 - The mark of highest quality This small selection of Joseph Marples tools represents the very best quality that they produce. They are based on designs of the tools last made over 70 years ago, which carried the 'TRIAL 1' brand, or Corporate Mark. The squares have 1/8th inch thick machined brass on both the inside and outside faces, thus ensuring accuracy on the inside and outside...
£170.00 inc VAT
Veritas Carpenter's GaugeVeritas Carpenter's Gauge
Veritas Carpenter's Gauge
Specifically designed to be carried in an apron or pocket, this is both a direct-reading compass and a marking gauge, two things that carpenters frequently need but find hard to carry. It has a rotatable head, which locks vertically for use and horizontally for storage and tip protection. It is direct reading, both for radius and diameter, in inches and centimetres. If you have ever measured a...
£25.25 inc VAT

Veritas Centre MarkerVeritas Centre Marker
Veritas Centre Marker
The Veritas centre marker is used for marking the centre of any square or round piece up to 6" across. Ideal for marking work removed from a lathe after waste ends have been removed. This accurate centre marker is a precision aluminium die casting with a steel scoring blade. Easy to use, set the material in the marker, tap it and rotate a quarter turn and tap again, the result is two scoring...
£25.25 inc VAT
Veritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric SetVeritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric Set
Veritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric Set
Setting up machines in the shop can be a frustrating and inaccurate undertaking. Tape measures and rulers are difficult to use when measuring gaps between curved bits and guide fences. Worse, machines often require two hands to adjust, leaving nothing to hold the measuring tool. The Veritas set-up blocks help solve this problem. Simply place the appropriate block or combination of blocks between the...
£59.75 inc VAT

Veritas Transfer Log Scribe
Veritas Transfer Log Scribe
Can be used with 2 pencils for double scribing and the hardened steel pin can be used on one leg for smooth scribing. Fully adjustable from 0-300mm. Calibrated so that any opening can be used once the double bubbles are set for a given pencil & pin projection. Curved pin tip has rounded end for smooth scribing and straight tip is sharp pointed for compass work. Includes indelible pencil...
£126.00 inc VAT