David Barron Dovetail GuidesDavid Barron Dovetail Guides
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David Barron Dovetail Guides
Watch this space. The David Barron Dovetail Guides are back in production! Initially the 1:6, 1:8 and the 90° guides will be manufactured with others to follow later this year. Pricing is not yet confirmed. If interested, please click on 'email when in stock' and we will notify you as soon as they are available. The David Barron Dovetail Guide designed to guide a saw with...
Veritas Magnetic Guide & SawVeritas Magnetic Guide & Saw
Veritas Magnetic Guide & Saw
Hand-cut dovetails remain the mark of the skilled cabinetmaker and a feature that buyers look for in high-end furniture. Veritas has developed a guide and saw system that lets amateurs achieve professional results. The system also allows the seasoned expert to produce dovetail joints more quickly and with less effort. The Veritas Magnetic Dovetail 1:8 Guide, clamps in position and holds the saw...


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