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Japanese Waterstones - Toishi

In Japan, the importance of correct sharpening is given high status as the Japanese reason that perfect work can only be accomplished with a perfectly sharpened blade. It is not just the quality of Japanese tools that excite craftsmen but also the quality of the sharpening. Japanese edge tools, chisels, planes, kiridashis etc. are honed exclusively on special Japanese waterstones.

We have been testing these Waterstones for a few months and they compare extremely favourably with the Norton Waterstones. Author and cabinetmaker John Lloyd recommends both the Norton and these new Japanese Waterstones to his students and at various woodworking shows.

Japanese Waterstones - Toishi-Ohishi
Ref: J-TO

There are 7 single grit stones to choose from and 6 combination stones.

These new stones are 3 inches (75mm) wide which is particularly useful when honing wide plane blades, knives or cut throat razors.

These stones cut quickly but are dense and hard enough not that most of the them do not require soaking prior to use (the exceptions are the 220 & 800 grits) . A sprinkle of water is all you need to get to work for the 1000+ grit stones. The 1,000 grit will establish your secondary bevel and the 10,000 grit yields a beautiful final polish.

Nagura (correcting) stone - this stone is used to condition waterstones during use. For natural waterstones their use is to wear away hard particles or contamination in the waterstone, and to selectively allow flattening by being rubbed on a high spots on the stone. Another usage is to create slurry. Use with Ohishi stones of more than 1000 grit.

Stone sizes:

Grain 220 - 205 x 80 x 35mm
All other single grit stones 205 x 75 x 25mm
Combination stones 205 x 75 x 30mm
Nagura Stone 75 x 25 x 25mm

Prices include VAT  

Japanese Waterstones - Toishi-Ohishi


Toishi-Ohishi - Grain 220: :J-TO0220  38.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Grain 600: J-TO0600  40.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Grain 1000: J-TO1000  44.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Grain 3000: J-TO3000  48.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Grain 6000: J-TO6000  63.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Grain 8000: J-TO8000  77.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Grain 10000 :J-TO10000  98.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Full Set of 7 Single Grit Stones & Nagura Stone: J-TOFSSET  385.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Combination Stone Grain 1000/3000: J-TO1030  40.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Combination Stone Grain 1000/6000: J-TO1060  60.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Combination Stone Grain 1000/8000: J-TO1080  73.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Combination Stone Grain 3000/8000: J-TO3080  68.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Combination Stone 3000/10000: J-TO3010  94.00
Toishi-Ohishi - Combination Stone 6000/10000: J-TO6010  98.00

Silicone Non-Slip Base 8" x 3"
Ref: CHT-30400

This base is a perfect fit for the Japanese Waterstones. It will anchor the stone securely to any surface and provide stability when drawing the blade across the surface.

8" x 3" (203.2mm x 76.2 mm) 

Price: 6.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Silicone Non-Slip Base 8


Stone Flattener
Ref: J-AB400

Length 400 mm, width 100 mm including glass plate and sanding paper. It is important to flatten your sharpening stone periodically.

Price: 82.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Stone Flattener



Online Catalogue >  Japanese Hand Tools  >  Japanese Waterstones - Toishi

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