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Quick Tips YouTube Videos

Lie-Nielsen Quick Tips You Tube videos on Swapping frogs and cleaning the knob and tote on your bench planes can be found at the bottom of this page.

Lie-Nielsen High Angle Frogs

If you prefer a higher angle for your plane blade you can either fit a 50 degree (York Pitch) or a 55 degree (Mid Pitch) frog.

Most planes have their blades at an angle of 45°, known as common pitch. But the famous English Smoothers like Norris are usually 50° (York Pitch) or 55° (Middle Pitch). The higher pitches make smoothing difficult wood easier. These frogs will fit Lie-Nielsen bench planes with a 2" or 2-3/8" blades

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Lie-Nielsen High Angle Frogs


Lie-Nielsen York Pitch Frog 2" 63.96
Lie-Nielsen York Pitch Frog 2 3/8" 63.96
Lie-Nielsen Mid Pitch Frog 2" 72.46
Lie-Nielsen Mid Pitch Frog 2 3/8" 72.46