Sanderson Hardware (USA) - Pin Stock - Pin I

Sanderson Hardware (USA) - Pin Stock - Pin I

Product Reference: CL-127

For those who make their own hinges - Sanderson Hardware’s pin stock is designed to prevent the pin from “walking” out of the hinge as the door is repeatedly opened and closed. The pin stock is turned down, leaving a fixed washer in the middle of the pin. Pins are made of stainless steel and are available in two sizes.

PIN I has a 1/8” diameter pin that is 1/8” long on either side with a ¼” diameter, 1/32” thick washer in the middle. Sold as a pair.

PIN II has a 3/32” diameter pin that is 3/32” long on either side with a 3/16” diameter washer that is 1/32” thick. Sold as a pair.

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