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Auriou Rotary Rasps

Hand stitched rasps in disc form. A choice of 2" disc for your Arbortech machine or 5" disc for your angle grinder. These discs will shape wood quickly and efficiently without burn. For professional use.

AURIOU - Small Rotary Rasp Ø 50mm (2")
Ref: G130020050003

These hand cut rotary rasps are very popular in Germany & Austria (not sure why really)

Like it's big brother above this rotary rasp will cut (not burn) your wood quite precisely. It works well on the Arbortech long angled grinder.

Small rotary rasp for Arbortech type grinders. Rounded edge grain 7 (medium).

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Price: 74.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

AURIOU - Small Rotary Rasp  50mm (2


AURIOU - Large Rotary Rasp for Angle Grinder Ø 125mm (5")
Ref: G130020125001

Not for the faint hearted or inexperienced sculptor.

This is for fast aggressive stock removal using good quality angle grinder.

The hand cut teeth act like hundred of small plane blades efficiently cutting tiny shavings from your wood.

Once you have mastered this rasp you will be pleasantly surprised with the speed at which you can shape your work. Rounded profile. All necessary safety precautions need to be taken when using rotary tools.

Rasp for angle grinder Ø 125mm. Cut 2 (coarse)

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Price: 175.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

AURIOU - Large Rotary Rasp for Angle Grinder  125mm (5



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