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Hock Carving Knives
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Ron Hock has been making blades and knives for nearly 30 years and is extremely well regarded as man who knows how to make fine blades. He has even written a fabulous book entitled The Perfect Edge which is a must read for all sharpening buffs. The blades of these comfortable carving knives are made from Hock's high carbon steel, hardened to Rc62 (if that sounds familiar it's because that's the same steel and hardness as Hock's high-carbon knives and plane blades) easy to hone to the sharpest possible edge.

The lengths listed are approximate blade lengths.

Handles are Bubinga with nothing more than an oil finish.

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Hock Carving Knives


CK100: High Carbon 1" Carving Knife 27.50
CK125: High Carbon 1¼" Carving Knife 27.54
CKC100: High Carbon 1" Chip Carver Knife 27.50
CKS125: High Carbon 1¼" Stab Knife 27.50
CKX125: High Carbon 1¼" Detail Knife 27.50
CKSET5: High Carbon Carving Knives - Set of 5 130.00