Rob Cosman's Angle Trainer

Rob Cosman's Angle Trainer
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Rob Cosman's Angle Trainer

Product Reference: RC-AT

The Hand Plane is one of the most important tools in your workshop but if it is not properly sharpened, it is useless. The Rob Cosman Angle Trainer is the perfect tool to help you develop the proper method of hand sharpening your plane blade. When you feel comfortable, you will be able to hand sharpen your plane blade like a professional.

* The biggest advantage of the Rob Cosman Angle Trainer is that you hold the blade the same way you would if you were free hand sharpening. The angle trainer slips underneath the blade to provide the confidence needed in the learning phase.

* Uses powerful rare earth magnets to securely hold the blade to the trainer at the proper angle.

* Designed to work with blades that have a 25 degree primary bevel (which is almost all hand plane blades)

* Has a 29 degree face for honing the secondary bevel.

* Has a 31 degree face for honing the tertiary bevel.

* Made of a hard wearing composite material called Swanstone that easily slides on your diamond or water stone.

Size: 3/4" wide x 3" long x 1" high.

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