Benchcrafted DrawsharpBenchcrafted Drawsharp
Benchcrafted Drawsharp
Ease and safety With the Benchcrafted Drawsharp, the cutting edge is facing away from your body and fingers, the honing action is parallel to the blade, and your fingers are safely behind the cutting edge at all times. If you've shied away from using drawknives because of sharpening, the Drawsharp will open the door to this wonderful tool, whether you’re a chairmaker, or looking to add the drawknife...
£112.00 inc VAT
Blue Spruce Honing GuideBlue Spruce Honing Guide
Blue Spruce Honing Guide
The new Blue Spruce Honing Guide turns the traditional honing guide design upside down and clamps the chisel from above, rather than below. And, while most honing guides have the roller directly under the clamp, the Blue Spruce Honing Guide wheels are offset. The Honing Guide will fit chisels and plane blades from 1/8" to 1-1/2", while Blue Spruce Bench Chisels, Butt Chisels, Dovetail Chisels...
£243.00 inc VAT

Lee Valley Replica Honing GuideLee Valley Replica Honing Guide
Lee Valley Replica Honing Guide
A quick, effective aid to sharpening plane blades at 25° and 30° bevel angles, modelled closely on the Stanley #50 honing guide, patented in the UK in 1945. Straightforward to use and compact enough to carry in a toolbox, it was widely used in the trades, allowing a worker to touch up an edge whenever needed with minimal time and fuss. Like the original, the Lee Valley version uses a roller...
£19.98 inc VAT
Accessories for the Benchcrafted Drawsharp
Accessories for the Benchcrafted Drawsharp
Rehab kit Most knives will be in good enough condition to use the abrasives included with the Drawsharp. But for those which require more aggressive material removal (removing knicks or severely blunted edges) or for those who may not want to grind their knife, Benchcrafted offer a rehab kit with medium and coarse diamond abrasives. The kit includes two sleeves and two each of coarse and medium diamond...
from £4.58 inc VAT

Veritas Bevel GaugeVeritas Bevel Gauge
Veritas Bevel Gauge
Half the secret of sharpening is the control of blade geometry. Nothing is handier than a bevel gauge for quickly checking the grind angle of chisels, plane blades, turning tools, etc. A quick check confirms the angle last used for grinding or honing so that the edge geometry can be maintained. Our bevel gauge has seven individual slots that will measure the most commonly used angles from 15°...
£10.95 inc VAT
Rob Cosman's Angle Trainer
Rob Cosman's Angle Trainer
The Hand Plane is one of the most important tools in your workshop but if it is not properly sharpened, it is useless. The Rob Cosman Angle Trainer is the perfect tool to help you develop the proper method of hand sharpening your plane blade. When you feel comfortable, you will be able to hand sharpen your plane blade like a professional. The biggest advantage of the Rob Cosman Angle Trainer...
£40.00 inc VAT