Rob Cosman Kerf Saw

Rob Cosman Kerf Saw
Rob Cosman Kerf SawRob Cosman Kerf SawRob Cosman Kerf Saw

Product Reference: RCKS

If you cut half-blind dovetails you will love Rob's Kerf saw!

The Kerf X-10 completes the saw cut.

Waste removal is faster than paring and more accurate.

This saw works with soft and hardwoods.

The Kerf X-10 works in saws kerfs in the .024" to .026" width range.

The handle is made of Mahogany and the blade is affixed to the ¼" x ¾" brass back with peened copper pins.

Brass back has a 11/2" x ¼" x ¼" tenon epoxied into the handle.

The working edge of the blade is squared to the sides and ready for use.

Overall length is 7 inch, blade length 2 ¾ inch, depth ¾ inch.
Price: 115.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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