Bench Stones

RH Preyda produces bench stones in all grades of natural Arkansas stone. All bench stones are cut to size and skillfully finished to ensure their flatness. Choose from five different types of stone. In order to be most effective, the bench stone must be at least as long as your blade. All bench stones are a full 1/2" thick.

Soft Arkansas: (400-600 grit)

Considered the coarsest of the Arkansas sharpening stones. This stone will provide the initial edge and first level of polishing, but is primarily used for sharpening.

Hard Arkansas: (800-1000 grit)

The recommended stone for work that requires a smooth polish, but not the finest polish. This stone will provide a final hone and polish edge.

Black Arkansas: (2000-3000 grit)

Harder and finer than Hard Arkansas. Not as pure black as Surgical Black Arkansas. Coloration is more dark grey than black. This stone will polish finer than Soft and Hard Arkansas stones.

Surgical Black Arkansas: (4000-6000 grit)

The hardest and finest of the Arkansas sharpening stones. Prized by machinists, tool and die makers for its precision honing and polishing capabilities. Also used for testing gold content.

Translucent Arkansas: (8000-10,000 grit)

The rarest of Arkansas sharpening stones. Translucent stones in their purest form are white. Translucent stones may contain shades of pink, yellow, and grey. The Translucent sharpening stone produces the highest polished, razor edge.

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