RH Preyda Axe StonesRH Preyda Axe Stones
RH Preyda Axe Stones
The RH Preyda Axe Sharpening Stone was designed specifically for the axe enthusiast. Paired down size, wooden handle grip and Soft Arkansas and Hard Black Arkansas stones allow for ultimate precision when sharpening your blade. Available in the following sizes: 4" x 1" x 1/4" (102mm x 25mm x 6mm) - 13/16" (20mm) Overall Thickness - 8" (203mm) Overall Length 6"...
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Pocket Stones
Pocket Stones
Used to create the finest edge on precision tools, delicate instruments, and die work. RH Preyda Arkansas files hold their shape while creating the finest, most uniform finish. Recommended for outdoor enthusiasts in need of a sharp edge on fish hooks, arrows, and hunting knives. The pocket stone's compact size allows it to easily fit in your outerwear pocket, or pack inside your gear. Pocket...
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