No.112 Style Scraping Plane

No.112 Style Scraping Plane
No.112 Style Scraping PlaneNo.112 Style Scraping PlaneNo.112 Style Scraping Plane

Product Reference: 05P2901

The Veritas® scraping plane is the ideal tool for final smoothing, especially when you have to deal with highly figured wood or reversing grain. With a well-sharpened blade and light cuts you can achieve excellent results on any wood. Tear-out is virtually eliminated with the cutting action of the included scraping blade. The adjustable frog enables blade angles from 0° to 25°, providing fine control of the cutting action.
A feature unique to our scraping plane is an integral thumbscrew that bows the blade to eliminate ridges in the work surface caused by blade corners. The plane comes with a 0.055" high-carbon steel blade.

The 9-1/2" ductile cast iron body has been fully stress relieved, machined, and surface ground on the sole. Weight is 4 lb. Detailed instructions included.

No.112 style scraping plane with high carbon steel blade, 2-7/8" wide, hardened to Rc48-51 with the cutting edges ground at 45°.
Price: 175.70 (Including VAT at 20%)

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