Lost Art Press

Lost Art Press was formed in 2007 by John Hoffman and Christopher Schwarz, 2 engaging, slightly off the wall, anarchic chaps who follow their passion for publishing books on the skills and techniques of hand tool woodworking use.

Without these 2 gentlemen many titles may possibly have been lost or only findable on the low dusty shelves of a dimly lit bookshop in Norwich or Oxford (in the UK at least).

So bravo gentlemen, here you are nearly 15 years later and still going! Stronger than ever in fact, boasting a portfolio of books reaching back to The Art of Joinery with some of your books now revised and updated.

Classic Hand Tools have been there all the time and carry all Lost Art Press publications. These books will last a long time even if your grubby workshop soiled fingers paw repeatedly at every page because the books are so very well constructed. The words inside are also very well constructed so if you are not yet acquainted then please read on.... 

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