The Anarchist's Design Book: Expanded EditionThe Anarchist's Design Book: Expanded Edition
The Anarchist's Design Book: Expanded Edition
By Christopher Schwarz Most of the American furniture we celebrate as the pinnacle of design is overbearing, over-embellished and a monument to waste and excess. These high styles of furniture took hold in North America in the 18th century and persist to this day as both cult objects for collectors and as rites of passage for artisans. These are precious pieces that are auctioned, collected,...
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Campaign FurnitureCampaign Furniture
Campaign Furniture
By Christopher Schwarz For almost 200 years, simple and sturdy pieces of campaign furniture were used by people all over the globe, and yet this remarkable furniture style is now almost unknown to most woodworkers and furniture designers. The latest book from Lost Art Press seeks to restore this style to its proper place by introducing woodworkers to the simple lines, robust joinery and ingenious...
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The Joiner & Cabinet Maker
The Joiner & Cabinet Maker
The Joiner and Cabinet Maker" has more than 370 pages of detailed handtool instruction, including many processes that have not been covered before in the early woodworking literature. In 1839. In that year, an English publisher issued a small book on woodworking that has – until now – escaped detection by scholars, historians and woodworkers. Titled "The Joiner and Cabinet...
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Chairmaker's Notebook
Chairmaker's Notebook
By Peter Galbert Some words about Chairmakers Notebook from Chris Schwarz of Lost Art Press... Whether you are an aspiring professional chairmaker, an experienced green woodworker or a home woodworker curious about the craft, "Chairmaker's Notebook" is an in-depth guide to building your first Windsor chair or an even-better 30th one. Using more than 500 hand-drawn illustrations,...
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Chairmaker's Notebook - Full-size Plans
Chairmaker's Notebook - Full-size Plans
For those woodworkers who prefer full-size plans, we now offer plans for the two chairs featured in Peter Galbert's book "Chairmaker's Notebook". The plans feature handmade full-size drawings of the following components of the fan-back and balloon-back chairs: Full-size turning patterns of legs, stretchers and posts - both bobbin and baluster forms. Full-size drawings of...
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Joiner's Work
Joiner's Work
by Peter Follansbee Forget what you think about 17th-century New England furniture. It’s neither dark nor boring. Instead, it’s a riot of geometric carvings and bright colours – all built upon simple constructions that use rabbets, nails and mortice-and-tenon joints. Peter Follansbee has spent his adult life researching this beguiling time period to understand the simple tools...
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Shaker InspirationShaker Inspiration
Shaker Inspiration
Five Decades of Fine Craftsmanship
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