The Woodworker's Pocket BookThe Woodworker's Pocket Book
The Woodworker's Pocket Book
Edited by Charles H. Hayward “The Woodworker’s Pocket Book” is small – just 4” x 6-1/2” – but it contains 112 pages of critical woodworking information for the hand tool woodworker. Edited by the great Charles H. Hayward and published in 1949, “The Woodworker’s Pocket Book” is a guide to everything from finishing recipes to drawing ellipses...
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The Workshop BookThe Workshop Book
The Workshop Book
By Scott Landis; foreword by Roy Underhill First published in 1991, "The Workshop Book" by Scott Landis remains the most complete book about every woodworker's favourite place: the workshop. “The Workshop Book” is a richly illustrated guided tour of some of the world’s most inspiring workshops — from garage to basement shops, from mobile to purpose-built...
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The Workbench Book
The Workbench Book
by Scott Landis First published in 1987, "The Workbench Book" by Scott Landis remains the most complete book on the most important tool in the woodworker’s shop. "The Workbench Book" is a richly illustrated guided tour of the world’s best workbenches — from a traditional Shaker bench to the mass-produced Workmate. Author and workbench builder Scott Landis...
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The Anarchist's WorkbenchThe Anarchist's Workbench
The Anarchist's Workbench
By Christopher Schwarz The Anarchist’s Workbench” is – on the one hand – a detailed plan for a simple workbench that can be built using construction lumber and basic woodworking tools. But it’s also the story of Christopher Schwarz’s 20 year journey researching, building and refining historical workbenches until there was nothing left to improve. Along the...
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The Anarchist's Tool Chest
The Anarchist's Tool Chest
By Christopher Schwarz "When I am too exhausted, ill or busy to work in my shop, I will shuffle down the stairs to my 15' x 25' workshop and simply stand there for a few minutes with my hands on my tools. To be sure, I thought I was a touch nuts because of this personality quirk. But after reading the oral histories and diaries of craftsmen from the last 300 years, I found it's...
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Mechanic's Companion
by Peter Nicholson “Mechanic’s Companion” is one of the foundational English-language texts in woodworking and the building trades. First published in 1812, "Mechanic's Companion" is an invaluable and thorough treatment of techniques, with 40 plates that provide an excellent and detailed look at the tools of the time, along with a straightforward chapter on the geometry...
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Ingenious Mechanicks
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Ingenious Mechanicks
by Christopher Schwarz Workbenches with screw-driven vises are a fairly modern invention. For more than 2,000 years, woodworkers built complex and beautiful pieces of furniture using simpler benches that relied on pegs, wedges and the human body to grip the work. While it's easy to dismiss these ancient benches as obsolete, they are - at most - misunderstood. For the last three years,...
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Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley
Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley
By Donald C. Williams. Photographs by Narayan Nayar In a space of just 10" x 39" x 19½", H.O. Studley managed to arrange - with perfection - more than 250 of his tools into a dovetailed mahogany cabinet that has captivated tens of thousands of woodworkers since it was first unveiled in 1988 on the back cover of Fine Woodworking with a single shocking photograph. After a...


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