Hamlet Woodturning Boxed Set - 5 piece

Hamlet Woodturning Boxed Set - 5 piece
Hamlet Woodturning Boxed Set - 5 piece

Product Reference: HCT166

The Hamlet woodturning boxed set of 5 includes:

3/4" Roughing Gouge (HCT064)
1/4" Spindle Gouge (HCT067)
1/2" Skew (HCT100)
1/2" Round Nose Scraper (HCT116)
1/4" Parting tool (HCT091)

HCT064 - 3/4" Spindle Roughing Gouge
Made in Sheffield from M2 High Speed Steel, this Spindle Roughing Gouge is a forged bar and comes with a 10-inch beech handle. Its primary function is to remove bulk by reducing a square edged turning blank, into a cylindrical spindle.

HCT067 - 1/4" Spindle Gouge
Designed for spindle turning, these spindle gouges are very versatile tools, used for detailed work such as cutting coves, forming beads and V cuts, however they can also be used for shallow hollowing or hole boring. Made from M2 High Speed Steel, they come with a 10" beech handles.

HCT100 - 1/2" Standard Skew Chisel
Made from a flat rectangular bar of M2 High Speed Steel, The Standard Skew Chisels are heavier than other types of chisels, making them easier to control when planning smooth surfaces on legs, posts etc. This tool comes with a 10" beech handle as standard.

HCT116 - 1/2" Round Nose Scraper
Its primary use is to hollow and finish concave surfaces such as the inside of bowls, goblets and platters. This tool leaves a smooth chatter free finish, is made of M2 grade High Speed Steel, and comes with a 10" beech handle.

HCT091 - 1/4" Parting Tool
Parting tools are mainly used for cutting deep grooves, forming shoulders or separating finished work from the waste. Essential for any workshop, this tool comes with a 10" beech handle and a M2 grade High Speed Steel blade.

All in a presentation box for storage.

Price: 154.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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