NOKO - Golden Series

Japanese Pull Saws

There are 3 basic types of Japanese Pull Saw

The Ryoba - double edged saw, rip and cross-cut
The Douzuki - which has a metal spine to give some rigidity to the blade.
The Kataba - single edge with no back or metal spine allowing you to make deeper cuts.

All these saws work by cutting on the pull stroke which allows the blade to be thinner than western saws which means you can cut very quickly with minimal kerf.

It takes a little while to get used to pulling rather than pushing your saw and if you push a pullsaw you are in danger of buckling your (replaceable) blade. However once mastered it is difficult to go back to a western style push saw.

This Gold range of saws signifies a better quality of blade which will out perform our Classic Range in terms of speed of cut and longevity. Unless you damage your saw you should not expect to have to replace your saw blade for many months or years.

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