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Japanese Pull Saws

There are 3 basic types of Japanese Pull Saw

The Ryoba - double edged saw, rip and cross-cut
The Douzuki - which has a metal spine to give some rigidity to the blade.
The Kataba - single edge with no back or metal spine allowing you to make deeper cuts.

All these saws work by cutting on the pull stroke which allows the blade to be thinner than western saws which means you can cut very quickly with minimal kerf.

It takes a little while to get used to pulling rather than pushing your saw and if you push a pullsaw you are in danger of buckling your (replaceable) blade. However once mastered it is difficult to go back to a western style push saw.

This Gold range of saws signifies a better quality of blade which will out perform our Classic Range in terms of speed of cut and longevity. Unless you damage your saw you should not expect to have to replace your saw blade for many months or years.

Ryoba Gold
Ref: J-WRG

A double edged blade with X-cut & rip edges and traditional style handle.

A choice of 3 sizes

240mm blade - 0.5mm thick (spacing of teeth 1.6mm cross 2.7-3.9mm rip cut setting 0.75mm) WRG240 - This is our most popular size.

270mm blade - 0.6 mm thick (spacing of teeth 2.5mm crosscut, 3.3-5.8mm for the rip-cut teeth setting 0.9mm). WRG270

300mm blade - 0.7mm thick (spacing of teeth 3mm crosscut, 4-6.4mm for the rip-cut teeth setting 1.1mm). WRG300 - This is a big saw and often favoured by green woodworkers who need a thicker blade to deal with larger stock wood.

Prices include VAT


Ryoba Gold

Ryoba GoldRyoba GoldRyoba GoldRyoba Gold
Ryoba GoldRyoba Gold


Ryoba Gold 240mm WRG240  45.60
Ryoba Gold 240mm spare blade J-WRG240B  24.00
Ryoba Gold 270mm WRG270  48.00
Ryoba Gold 270mm spare blade J-WERG270  26.40
Ryoba Gold 300mm WRG300  51.52
Ryoba Gold 300mm spare blade J-WERG300  28.62

Douzuki Gold
Ref: J-WDG

The Douzuki has a metal spine to give some rigidity to the blade.

Professional quality pull saws with replaceable blades. These blades are robust and with usual wear they should last a long time. More care must be taken with the thinnest blade such as the Douzuki 150 & 210 saws which are designed for very fine cuts.

A choice of 4 sizes

Douzuki Gold 150 - 150mm blade - 0.2mm thick, spacing 0.83mm, setting 0.35mm WDG150 - A very fine 150mm long blade.

Douzuki Gold 210 - 210mm blade - 0.2mm thick, spacing 0.83mm, setting 0.35mm WDG210 - A very fine 210mm long blade.

Douzuki Gold 240 - 240mm blade - 0.3mm thick, spacing 1mm, setting 0.45mm WDG240 - For deeper cuts with 0.3mm thick blade - Our best selling Douzuki Gold saw.

Prices include VAT


Douzuki Gold

Douzuki GoldDouzuki GoldDouzuki GoldDouzuki Gold


Douzuki Gold 150mm WDG150  33.00
Douzuki Gold 150mm spare blade J-WDG150B  16.80
Douzuki Gold 210mm WDG210  38.40
Douzuki Gold 210mm spare blade J-WDG210B  19.20
Douzuki Gold 240mm WDG240  54.00
Douzuki Gold 240mm spare blade J-WDG240B  24.00

Kataba Gold & Meiko Gold
Ref: J-WKG

The Kataba - single edge cross cut saw with no back or metal spine allowing you to make deeper cuts.

Kataba Gold 240 - 240mm blade - 0.4mm thick, spacing 1mm setting 0.45mm WKG240

Kataba Meiko Gold 250 - 250mm blade - 0.5mm thick WKG250M - This is a very clever saw combining x-cut and rip teeth on one edge of a 0.5mm thick blade.

Prices include VAT


Kataba Gold & Meiko Gold

Kataba Gold & Meiko GoldKataba Gold & Meiko Gold


Kataba Gold 240mm WKG240  38.40
Kataba Gold 240mm spare blade J-WKG240B  18.00
Meiko Gold 250mm Saw J-WKG250M  30.00
Meiko Gold 250mm spare blade J-WKG250MB  18.00

Golden Series 4 Saw Set
Ref: J-SSG05

Set of 4 Saws in traditional heavy linen roll.

The set comprises:

Ryoba Gold 240mm - doublesided for cross cut and rip cut
Douziki Gold 210mm - a very fine blade (0.2mm thick)
Douziki Gold 240mm - a more robust blade
Kataba Gold 240mm

See above for spare blades.

Prices include VAT


Price: 180.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Golden Series 4 Saw Set

Golden Series 4 Saw SetGolden Series 4 Saw Set



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