Flexcut Carvin Jack JKN91

Flexcut Carvin Jack JKN91
Flexcut Carvin Jack JKN91

Product Reference: JKN9

Carvin' Jack™ by Flexcut is a complete carving kit in your pocket. All six blades of the Carvin' Jack are made of the same edge holding high carbon steel that flexcut's tools are famous for. This is a very clever tool, beautifully put together, offering 6 various tools and supplied with it's own Flexcut Sliptrop, Gold Polishiing Compound and a leather carry pouch

Carvin' Jack™ is available both right and left handed models

The Carvin' Jack includes:

A Detail Knife

- this has a fine point that can be used for detailing delicate areas and for quickly removing wood from convex surfaces

A Straight Gouge

- useful for modelling surfaces or creating different textures and for for carving printmaking woodcuts

A Hook Knife

- is designed for carving in hollow areas where a straight edge can't reach and is great for hollowing spoons or roughing out larger amounts of waste wood

A V-Scorp

- this tool's sharp corners leave leave a clean line of demarcation between 2 adjacent surfaces, similar to outling with a pencil

A Gouge Scorp

- this is a right angle gouge that allows you to carve deep recesses (similar to a spoon gouge)

A Chisel

- Excellent for letter carving work, for smoothing off hard to reach convex surfaces and for marking out

The Carvin Jack is supplied with comprehensive instructions.

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