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Dan's Tri-Hone
Ref: TRI

Dan's Whetstone Company make a 3-stone sharpening system called a Tri-Hone, it comes complete with a 1-ounce bottle of honing oil as pictured above.

Classic Hand Tools currently offer the 8" (200mm) tri-hone (approx 1 5/8" - 40mm wide x 1/2" - 13mm thick) and comprising

Silicon carbide - If your edge is dull, nicked or damaged, you may want to start with an Silicon Carbide stone. These stones are best used to shape or repair your edge. Silicon Carbide stones are commonly used with a lubricating oil. Using a honing oil will lessen the tendency of metal particles to cover the stone surface and keep the stone free cutting.

Soft arkansas (Medium) is the most popular of the grades of Novaculite. It is an all-purpose stone. This stone is used by people who desire keen, sharp edge on their knives and tools in a minimum amount of time.

Black arkansas (Ultra Fine) This crypto-crystaline novaculite structure is the most dense and therefore has the properties to achieve the finest polished edge possible.

All stones should be cleaned by rubbing a liberal amount of honing oil on the surface and then wiping the stone with a clean cloth.

Soft Arkansas - Previously £84.00, now £56.00. 

Price: 56.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Dan's Tri-Hone



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