Clifton No. 3110 Plane

Clifton No. 3110 Plane
Clifton No. 3110 Plane

Product Reference: HWZ-CLS3110 Plane

The Clifton 3110 is a classic 3 in 1 plane. Remember the Record 311?, well this surpasses that out of production plane. This plane can be used as a shoulder plane, adjustable mouth bull nose or chisel plane. As a shoulder plane, the front extension piece is fitted, as a chisel plane all nose pieces are removed; and as a bull-nose plane, the thinner nose piece is fitted in conjunction with one or both of the precision machined steel shims (1/32" and 1/64") - or for very fine work, without either shim.

Cutter: 1.1/8" (29mm) wide
Length of plane: 6" (152mm)
Approximate weight: 2lbs (0.9kg)

Made in Sheffield, UK

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