Chris Pye Letter Carving Tools by Auriou Toolworks

The supply of these lovely tools into the marketplace is frustratingly haphazard (yes even before Covid) so whilst we apologise for this it is not for want of trying on our behalf to try and get stock.

Back in the day when these Chris Pye sets were first launched the idea was to split the tools into just 3 "categories" of carving tools from Auriou - Basic tools (this section), tools for letter carving and short fishtail tools (see separate sections).

In truth as of the Autumn of 2020 we have pretty much given up on the idea of having complete sets but one lives in hope! Certainly we don't anticipate any "full sets" until late spring 2021 at the earliest.

You can of course pick n mix to build up your own sets from the tools we have available in stock (from the 3 tool lists) but we cannot commit to promising to fill in any missing gaps in the future (although we will do our best).

NOTE - We have had the V parting tool on back order for over 2 years now!

So the tools pictured are what we have in stock at the current time. In some cases we are well stocked, in others we are very low in stock and this naturally changes daily/weekly.

Please feel free to mix n match from the Chris Pye "basic" and short fishtail gouge ranges of tools.

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