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Chris Pye Letter Carving Tool Sets by Auriou

These tools were designed by master carver Chris Pye and hand forged in the traditional way by Auriou Toolworks at Forge-de-Saint-Juery in France.

A mix of 14 tools - chisels and gouges that are specific to a favourite font and size of letter that Chris Pye has chosen for you to practise your lettering skills (see pdf below).

The chisels are allongee chisels with a slim blade section. Allongee is a style of blade that splays from the shoulder: they are lighter to use, the corners are more available for cutting. The wider gouges are also allongee shaped.

All tools have octagonal ash handles with brass ferrules.

Note - there is no definitive "set" of lettering tools as obviously the font and scale of letters will determine which tools are required. The tools are specific to lettering exercises for fonts and letter size suggested by Chris in the pdf document that you can download here

Chris Pye Auriou Lettering Tools document, click here for the document.

We also send a printed document with each order for a set of 14 tools.

Obviously you can mix and match these tools with tools from the basic set to more closely meet any specific requirements you may have.

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