BenchCrafted Drawsharp

BenchCrafted Drawsharp
BenchCrafted DrawsharpBenchCrafted DrawsharpBenchCrafted Drawsharp

Product Reference: BC-D

Ease and safety

With the Drawsharp, the cutting edge is facing away from your body and fingers, the honing action is parallel to the blade, and your fingers are safely behind the cutting edge at all times.

If you've shied away from using drawknives because of sharpening, the Drawsharp will open the door to this wonderful tool, whether you’re a chairmaker, or looking to add the drawknife to your furnituremaking tool kit.

How it works

The drawknife spine rides on an acetal wear plate and two nylon bumpers which, along with the position of the two posts, determine the honing angle. One post for honing the knife's bevel, and the other for honing the back.

BenchCrafted Drawsharp information can be found here

Price: 89.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

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