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Sharpening Stones for Axes, Adzes, Edge Tools

A selection of useful edge tool sharpeners. The Gransfors Bruks axe stone is very popular as it is a very compact, relatively lightweight option. Also consider the ultra fine arkansas stone which gives a very keen finishing edge. This stone is popluar with competition log cutters who need their edges to be razor sharp.
If you axe edge is slightly dulled then a diamond stone will restore a cutting edge quickly but these are not finishing stones.

Gränsfors Ceramic Axe Stone
Ref: GR-403-4

Gränsfors ceramic grinding stone is made up of ceramic abrasives. It has a coarse side with grain size 180 to deal with rough damages and a fine side with grain size 600 suitable for fine grinding and sharpening.

The stone is normally used with water, but can also be used dry. The stone is round and flat with a phase around the edges to prevent chipping. The fine side is 2/3 of the total thickness. The stone has a protective rubber casing.

Diameter: 57 mm
Weight: 160 g

For the finest of edges try using in tandom with Dan's Pocket Stones (especially the Black or Translucent Arkansas). 

Price: 29.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Grnsfors Ceramic Axe Stone


Gränsfors Axe File
Ref: GA-AF403-1

Gransfors standard everyday sharpening tool for your axe complete with leather cover.

Prices incl VAT 

Price: 32.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Grnsfors Axe File


Gränsfors Axe Diamond
Ref: GA-AD403-2

Gransfors premium everyday sharpening tools for your axe complete with leather cover.

Prices incl VAT 

Price: 42.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Grnsfors Axe Diamond


Dan's Pocket Stones
Ref: Dan-PS

Pocket Stones are the carry-all, cure-all for quick touch ups on your knife edges. Perfect for axes, small blades, drawknives and other tools . Pocket Stones offer portability along with superior sharpening ability.

Dan's Whetstone Company produces a complete line of Pocket Stones, each with a leather pouch for clean storage and protection of the stone.

Each stone is 4 " (100mm) x 1 5/8" (40mm) x 1/2 " (13mm)

Soft Arkansas (Medium) is the most popular of the grades of Novaculite. It is an all-purpose stone. Soft Arkansas stones may be white, grey and black,or pink and grey in colour.

Hard Select Arkansas (Fine) is most suitable for fine polishing and the maintenance of a fine edge on knives or tools. Hard Select Arkansas is often referred to as "White Hard."

Translucent Arkansas (Extra Fine) Translucent stones may be a uniform, translucent shade of grey, white, yellow, brown and sometimes even pink.

Black Arkansas (Ultra Fine) The crypto-crystaline novaculite structure is the most dense and therefore has the properties to achieve the finest polished edge possible.

All packaged in a Leather Pouch.

The Hard Arkansas and Black Arkansas are currently unavailable. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or send us an email to to be added to our waiting list

Prices include VAT 

Dan's Pocket Stones


4 x 1 5/8 x 1/2 Soft Arkansas in Leather  15.00
4 x 1 5/8 x 1/2 Translucent Arkansas in Leather  39.85
Honing Oil  7.90

Ultra - Fine Arkansas Oil Stone
Ref: 87555

For that final finish to your edge. This is not a stone for restoring an edge from "dull" but a stone that will improve an already sharpened edge. Arkansas - quarried from the finest Ozark novaculite (silicon quartz) deposit. These stones do not remove as much as manmade stones; hence edge tools and knives last significantly longer.Arkansas is the finest grained and natural stone available. Used to produce the keenest, most precise finish possible. May contain shades of red, yellow and grey.

Size: 4"x1"x1/4" Ultra Fine Arkansas 

Price: 28.69 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ultra - Fine Arkansas Oil Stone


Diamond Stones

The double sided coarse/fine credit card stone (3"x 2") is useful for smaller edges and easy to carry with you. The 7 x 2 1/2" double sided coarse/fine stone is a home workshop/shed/vehicle based piece of kit (as it is a little heavy to carry with you in the woods). Both stones have a coarse side for quick restoration of a dulled edge. The fine side will give you a keen edge. Use with water or the manufacturers recommended lubricant.

Credit Card Stone - Fine/Coarse

A double sided fine/coarse credit card sized stone, ideal or fluted, small and shaped router cutters, wood turning and carving tools. This handy sharpener is supplied in a plastic wallet.

Fine 25 Micron (600 grit) / Coarse 45 Micron (340 grit)

Size 86 x 54 x 1.6mm

Prices include VAT

Diamond Stone Usage Chart - click here

Price: 23.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Credit Card Stone - Fine/Coarse


Lapping Fluid
Ref: DWS/LF100

For best sharpening results and protection for your diamond stone use this diamond abrasive lapping fluid. This is suitable for use with all Diamond abrasive products. Use instead of water to reduce the threat of rusting by up to 95%. Reduces the possibility of clogging on the Diamond surface and improves the durability and overall performance of your Diamond stone.

Prices include VAT 

Lapping Fluid


Lapping Fluid
Lapping Fluid 100ml: DWSLF100  9.00
Lapping Fluid 250ml: DWSLF250  18.60
Lapping Fluid 500ml: DWSLF500  27.00


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