Axe Sharpening

Sharpening Stones for Axes, Adzes, Edge Tools

A selection of useful edge tool sharpeners. The Gransfors Bruk axe stone is very popular as it is a very compact, relatively lightweight option. Also consider the ultra fine arkansas stone which gives a very keen finishing edge. This stone is popluar with competition log cutters who need their edges to be razor sharp.

If you axe edge is slightly dulled then a diamond stone will restore a cutting edge quickly but these are not finishing stones. The double sided coarse/fine credit card stone (3"x 2") is useful for smaller edges and easy to carry with you. The 7" x 2 1/2" double sided coarse/fine stone is a home workshop/shed/vehicle based piece of kit (as it is a little heavy to carry with you in the woods). Both stones have a coarse side for quick restoration of a dulled edge. The fine side will give you a keen edge. Use with water or the manufacturers recommended lubricant.

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