Auriou Rasps & Rifflers

AURIOU TOOLWORKS - hand cut rasps and rifflers since 1858

Michel Auriou is a 4th generation rasp maker based in his small factory (Forge de Saint Juery) near Albi in South West France. He has a skilled team of 2 blackmiths/grinders, 2 stitchers/grinders and 2 apprentices to try to satisfy the world wide demand for his tools. Making rasps by hand is virtually a lost art and Michel Auriou is probably the only maker left in the world who does all the processes for making a hand cut rasp in house. Nothing is outsourced.

Auriou rasps are highly prized and sought after by discerning woodworkers, artists and craftspeople from all over the world. Classic Hand Tools are pleased to support this small forging and tool making enterprise.

Auriou Toolworks are based in St Juery near Albi in the Tarn region of south west France. Auriou are recognised as making the finest hand made rasps using traditional methods of forging, heat treatment and stitching. Michel Auriou runs the forge with just 2 blacksmiths, 2 stitchers and an apprentice. Michel Auriou (pronounced OR - RE - YOU) is a 4th generation rasp maker.

Auriou make precision shaping tools for wood, stone and plaster. The factory has it's own website at where you can learn more about Auriou Toolworks.

Classic Hand Tools are proud to be involved in keeping the best traditions of hand forged tools alive in this world of mass production.

These are guaranteed genuine Auriou rasps entirely made by skilled, fully employed, Auriou artisans under the guidance of Michel Auriou. They include cabinet, modellers, 1/2 round, rat tail, tapered flat combination & the curved ironing rasps. All of these except the rat tails are available as right or left handed versions and come with fitted French walnut handles in a protective wallet.

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