Auriou Stonecarving Tools - Standard Range

These Auriou stone carving tools are for use on soft stone and marble. They all have a straight octagonal body. They are hand forged at the Auriou Tool Works at Forge-de-Saint Juery, near Albi in south west France.

These tools are firesharp tools. This means they are made from high carbon steel,

Auriou also make the same range of tools but with a barrel shaped body. These are referred to as Auriou Traditional Stonecarving Tools (see separate section). The Traditional Range are more suited to prolonged use due to their ergonomic and comfortable shape. However, to achieve the distinctive barrel shape the whole of the tool must be forged whereas with the standard range only the head of the tool is forged. So the Tradtional Auriou range of stone carving tools are more difficult to forge and therefore come at a higher price point.

Classic Hand Tools are the only stockist of Auriou Stone Carving Tools in the UK.

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