Auriou Monster Riffler - 12" (300mm) - Medium Stitch 7 - Knife/Knife

Auriou Monster Riffler - 12
Auriou Monster Riffler - 12" (300mm) - Medium Stitch 7 - Knife/KnifeAuriou Monster Riffler - 12" (300mm) - Medium Stitch 7 - Knife/Knife

Product Reference: CL-139

More Beauties - Old stock double ended barrel shanked Auriou (France) riffler. Medium cut (stitch 9) for a riffler and designed to be used on larger pieces of wood or soft stone.

One end is an oblanceolate (the end is wider than start) 2¾"

The other end is a fat laurel shape (stitched both sides) measuring about 2¾" by 1" (25mm) max.

Again, referring to our Auriou McCalculator we think you might be using this to refine pieces of reasonable scale, i.e big sculptural carvings..

Some discolouration/blemishes due to having sat in a drawer for too long (about 8 years) but unused.

This is one of our spring clean clearance items from over 15 years of inadvertently collecting various odds and ends. The price reflects a hefty discount from original or current pricing. It's first come first served to buy this product. If you are unsuccessful we will advise within one working day. Our list of Old Tools & Clearance Items will be updated on a regular basis (every 1-2 days or so).
Price: 24.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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