Auriou Albi Combination Rasps

Auriou Albi Combination Rasps

Product Reference: Albi

These are stitched on both sides with one "safe edge".

The rasp is thinner close to its tip to allow ease of entry into your workpiece. For flat and convex work only.

As normal, the longer the rasp, the coarser it is. We offer 2 sizes. The size shown are the rasp dimensions without the handle.

The Combo rasps are new from Auriou and represent an excellent investment for general work.

The 10" (250mm) long combo rasp is "stitched" grain 5 & 9 (coarse/medium) whilst the 8" (200mm) is stitched 11 & 14 (fine & extra fine).

Available in left or right handed models.

The address position for holding your rasp is slightly skewed across the grain (just like you skew a plane along the grain) - so Auriou offset the cutting teeth to allow for this skew angle so the teeth cut straight. A right hander skews his rasp on the opposite side to a left hander so Auriou offset the teeth either side of straight, depending on your handedness. This is done for ergonomic, efficiency and comfort reasons. It is so much easier than trying to push the tool dead straight.

We do accept that most lefties will be fairly ambidextrous and can happily use a right handed rasp.

Unfortunately the 10" Albi rasp is currently unavailable. Please call us on 01473 784983 or email to be added to our waiting list.

Prices include VAT

Price depends on product choices below:
Please state on order notes if you require a LEFT handed rasp

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