Accessories for the Benchcrafted Drawsharp
Accessories for the Benchcrafted Drawsharp
Rehab kit Most knives will be in good enough condition to use the abrasives included with the Drawsharp. But for those which require more aggressive material removal (removing knicks or severely blunted edges) or for those who may not want to grind their knife, Benchcrafted offer a rehab kit with medium and coarse diamond abrasives. The kit includes two sleeves and two each of coarse and medium diamond...
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Benchcrafted DrawsharpBenchcrafted Drawsharp
Benchcrafted Drawsharp
Ease and safety With the Benchcrafted Drawsharp, the cutting edge is facing away from your body and fingers, the honing action is parallel to the blade, and your fingers are safely behind the cutting edge at all times. If you've shied away from using drawknives because of sharpening, the Drawsharp will open the door to this wonderful tool, whether you’re a chairmaker, or looking to add the drawknife...
£112.00 inc VAT

Flexcut 1' Mini Draw Knife KN17
Flexcut 1' Mini Draw Knife KN17
This miniature draw knife by Flexcut is designed for hard-to-reach areas, where a pulling action is more conducive to efficient stock removal. The flexible shank allows the cutting angle to be changed easily for contoured cuts. Made in the USA by Flexcut.
£28.50 inc VAT
Flexcut 3' Draw Knife KN25
Flexcut 3' Draw Knife KN25
This handy little draw knife by Flexcut was developed for fan carving but works great for skinning small areas of bark and roughing-off corners. Made in the USA by Flexcut.
£52.50 inc VAT

Flexcut 5' Flexible Draw Knife KN16
Flexcut 5' Flexible Draw Knife KN16
This flexible Flexcut draw knife has 5 inches of workable edge, designed to flex around contours where large amounts of stock need to be removed quickly. The tool can be flexed to accommodate concave or convex surfaces. Cuts can be made that conform more closely to the finished shape, taking less time to sand or scrape. The curved edge gives a skew-like cutting action for a low resistance cut. This...
£54.50 inc VAT
Gransfors Bruk Swedish Drawknife 486Gransfors Bruk Swedish Drawknife 486
Gransfors Bruk Swedish Drawknife 486
This is a big beast and popular for quick removal of bark from logs and other large trimming work. The hickory handles are set on full-length tangs extending straight out from the ends of the blade. The blade is bowed up and curved forward in the centre for effective peeling, shaping and smoothing. The total length is 22½". The blade is 11½" in length and 1½" wide. It weighs 1lb. 5oz. The tool...
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MoraKniv 220 Push Knife
MoraKniv 220 Push Knife
Whilst this looks like a traditional drawknife, this is actually sold as a wood splitting knife. The idea being that you take your larger chunks of wood and split them into smaller pieces of kindling that are easier to light. It is double bevelled (has a bevel either side like a kitchen knife), whereas drawknives are single bevelled. However you can still use this for other purposes than just splitting...
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Pfeil Large Straight Drawknife
Pfeil Large Straight Drawknife
This Pfeil Straight Drawshave comes with a goatskin case and has cherry handles. The blade is 250mm in length and the overall length is 440mm. Classic carpenters design with straight back and straight blade.
£141.00 inc VAT

Pfeil Small Drawknife
Pfeil Small Drawknife
This is a compact, handy draw knife from Pfeil with a razor-sharp cutting edge. Very useful for small scale work. Made with cherry handles, the length of the blade is 110mm and the overall length is 290mm.
£47.00 inc VAT
Pfeil Small Straight Drawknife
Pfeil Small Straight Drawknife
Pfeil Small straight drawknife with cherry handles. Overall length 310mm with a cutting edge of 120mm.
£40.00 inc VAT

Ray Iles 6' Gent's DrawknifeRay Iles 6' Gent's Drawknife
Ray Iles 6' Gent's Drawknife
This Gent's drawknife made by Ray Iles is a delicate drawknife which has a 6" cutting edge and slightly splayed handles. It is made from O1 high carbon tool steel and is fitted with beautiful curved boxwood handles and brass ferrules. Made in England
£80.00 inc VAT
Ray Iles 6' Small Draw KnifeRay Iles 6' Small Draw Knife
Ray Iles 6' Small Draw Knife
The Ray Iles 6" drawknife is a standard carpenter's drawknife, made from 01 high carbon steel and fitted with beech handles and brass ferrules. Made in England
£55.00 inc VAT

Ray Iles 8' Mike Abbott Pattern Draw KnifeRay Iles 8' Mike Abbott Pattern Draw Knife
Ray Iles 8' Mike Abbott Pattern Draw Knife
This drawknife designed by Mike Abbott and manufactured by Ray Iles has a 8" cutting edge, with beech handles. This 8" drawing knife has slightly flared handles which are bent backwards, meaning the handles are at approximately the same angle, whether you are using them back down, or cannel down. Made in England
£67.50 inc VAT
Ray Iles Drawknife SheathsRay Iles Drawknife Sheaths
Ray Iles Drawknife Sheaths
Ray Iles offer two sizes drawknife sheath, 8" and 6". Hand made by Ray Iles in-house cobbler in black leather. Keep you and your drawknife safe and protected from the elements and any potential accidents. The large sheath (8") fits the Mike Abbott Pattern Drawknife and the smaller sized sheath (6") fits the Ray Iles Gents Drawknife and the Ray Iles 6" Drawknife.
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Robert Sorby DrawknifeRobert Sorby Drawknife
Robert Sorby Drawknife
10" cutting edge, ash handled draw knife. Straight back and straight blade with slightly splayed handles.
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Veritas Carvers Drawknife - PM-V11Veritas Carvers Drawknife - PM-V11
Veritas Carvers Drawknife - PM-V11
An ordinary drawknife is too large for most carving - the Veritas drawknife is designed for ease of use with maximum control. The teardrop-shaped handles are cocked at 45° to the blade and nestle comfortably in your hands. The polished 4" x 1/8" x 3/4" blade is ground and honed to a perfect edge, and is supplied with a blade guard. The drawknife blade is custom made for us...
£107.00 inc VAT