Veritas Mk.II Honing GuideVeritas Mk.II Honing Guide
Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide
The key to consistent and fast honing is repeatability - and this guide delivers it in spades. Whether you're a sharpening veteran or just starting out, this versatile guide lets you concentrate on sharpening without worrying about controlling blade angle at the same time. This makes your honing reliable, accurate and consistent. Three options let you choose the honing guide that best suits your...
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Veritas Side-Clamping Honing GuideVeritas Side-Clamping Honing Guide
Veritas Side-Clamping Honing Guide
The tried-and-true design of a side-clamping guide is familiar to most woodworkers. This side-clamping honing guide is a piece of modern-day engineering that improves on this established design while maintaining the flexibility of this type of guide. Chisels and plane blades ranging from 1/8" (3mm) to 2½" (63mm) fit securely for accurate honing. The unique three-point holding position...
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Veritas Short Blade Honing GuideVeritas Short Blade Honing Guide
Veritas Short Blade Honing Guide
A frequent challenge faced by sharpeners of all skill levels is the safe and accurate honing of small or short blades. Spokeshave, small block plane and palm plane blades are too small for most guides. This short blade honing guide has the flexibility to hold small blades that other honing guides cannot handle. Blades up to 2 5/8'' wide are easily aligned with the included registration jig...
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Veritas Small Blade Holder
Veritas Small Blade Holder
The Veritas Small Blade Holder helps with the difficulty of holding short blades such as those found in most spokeshaves, instrument maker's planes, etc., sharpening them has been difficult. The Veritas Small Blade Holder solves this effectively and safely by securing the blade using two powerful rare-earth magnets embedded into anodized aluminium and an adjustable stop block. In effect, it...
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Veritas Mortice Chisel Adapter for Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing GuideVeritas Mortice Chisel Adapter for Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide
Veritas Mortice Chisel Adapter for Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide
This Veritas Mortice Chisel Adapter for the Mk.II honing guide expands its blade-holding capacity to allow consistent, accurate honing of mortice chisels. It increases the space between the roller base and the blade carrier to accommodate the thicker blades of mortice chisels, holding blades up to 11/16" thick. Compatible with the narrow-blade clamping heads, the adapter is configured so...
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Veritas Basic Grinding Set
Veritas Basic Grinding Set
The Grinding Jig works with any power or hand grinder that has a tool rest. The back plate is offset for short chisels, such as Japanese or western butt chisels. The brass clamping bolts have nylon washers to prevent galling; other parts are made from hard aluminum, further hardened by anodizing to prevent wear. High-friction pads ensure solid clamping without inadvertent misalignment. Fits most tool...
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Veritas Grinder Tool Rest
Veritas Grinder Tool Rest
The major weakness of most bench grinders is that the tool rests are virtually useless. It is nearly impossible to find one with a rest that is solid and square. The Veritas® Grinder Tool Rest can be used with 6" or 8" utility bench grinders and many belt sanders/grinders. It mounts directly to the bench in front of the grinder and can be readily folded out of the way for freehand grinding....
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Veritas Grinding Jig
Veritas Grinding Jig
The grinding jig works with any power or hand grinder that has a tool rest. Put a tool in the jig, slide it against the alignment pin and one clamping thumbscrew to square it, adjust the blade projection for bevel angle, and tighten in place. The tool is now held squarely in the jig at the chosen bevel angle. Slide the jig back and forth across the tool rest and stone face to sharpen the tool....
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Table for 1 1/2'' Wheels for Veritas Grinder Tool RestTable for 1 1/2'' Wheels for Veritas Grinder Tool Rest
Table for 1 1/2'' Wheels for Veritas Grinder Tool Rest
This replacement table for the Veritas grinder tool rest has a wider slot to let you use it with 1 1/2" wide wheels (like 8" CBN wheels). The 4" wide aluminum table has a 1 5/8" wide slot and installs easily in place of the standard table. It has the same horizontal slot and center hole for use with sliding and rotating jigs. (For wheels narrower than 1 1/2", the standard...
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Veritas Jointer Blade SharpenerVeritas Jointer Blade Sharpener
Last Ones!
Veritas Jointer Blade Sharpener
A commercial sharpening service or a sophisticated home grinder is necessary for badly nicked blades. The Veritas Jointer Blade Sharpener is designed to restore blades dulled from normal use, even if they contain minor nicks. It clamps blades up to 8" wide (including hand-plane blades) for sharpening on PSA-backed abrasives. Just stick the abrasive to a flat surface (plate glass works well),...
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Veritas Miniature Honing GuideVeritas Miniature Honing Guide
Veritas Miniature Honing Guide
It may be stating the obvious, but at some point the blades of the Veritas miniature tools will require sharpening and honing. This 1/3 scale version of the Veritas Mk1 honing guide is a natural extension to the Veritas miniature tool collection. This fully functional honing guide will help keep the miniature blades in peak condition. The guide consists of a honing guide and an angle jig. The honing...
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