Robert Sorby Standard Skew ChiselsRobert Sorby Standard Skew Chisels
Robert Sorby Standard Skew Chisels
Robert Sorby standard skew chisels are rectangular in section, giving this type of of skew more weight. This makes them superb for large spindle work e.g kitchen table legs and newel posts.
from £45.93 inc VAT
Hamlet Standard Skew ChiselHamlet Standard Skew Chisel
Hamlet Standard Skew Chisel
Made from flat rectangular bar heavier than oval section for turning on legs, posts etc.
from £28.15 inc VAT

Robert Sorby Oval Skew ChiselsRobert Sorby Oval Skew Chisels
Robert Sorby Oval Skew Chisels
Robert Sorby oval skew chisels have a profile that allows the tool to glide effortlessly along the tool rest. Use to smooth cylinders, clean the end grain of spindles, cut shallow curves, beads, pummels and V-cuts, e.g stair ballustrading and chair legs.
from £45.93 inc VAT
Hamlet Oval Skew ChiselHamlet Oval Skew Chisel
Hamlet Oval Skew Chisel
Finely balanced tool designed to allow the tool ease of movement along the tool rest producing a clean fine finish without the fear of tool rest damage.
from £34.25 inc VAT

Hamlet Rolled Edge Skew ChiselsHamlet Rolled Edge Skew Chisels
Hamlet Rolled Edge Skew Chisels
A combination of flat skew and rolled edge for steadiness on the tool rest without fear of drag.
from £30.25 inc VAT