Bad Axe 16" Hybrid Tenon Saw - The Jack SawBad Axe 16" Hybrid Tenon Saw - The Jack Saw
Bad Axe 16" Hybrid Tenon Saw - The Jack Saw
This saw was named by Tom Fidgen as the ''Jack Saw'' due to its versatility. Bad Axe describe this as their go to all-round tenon saw, unsurprisingly they filed it with their hybrid cut so you are not stuck with the wrong tool for the job. The ingredients....... 12 ppi Hybrid hammer-set Swedish spring steel 0.025" Gauge Plate 16" blade Depth of cut 4" Black-Oxided...
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Lie-Nielsen 16" Tenon Saw
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Lie-Nielsen 16" Tenon Saw
A Tenon Saw is a large backsaw used for making deep, accurate cuts in furniture joinery. It should make straight, fast cuts without binding. Based on a classic Henry Disston model from the early 20th century, our Tenon Saws have Curly Maple handles, Brass fittings, and stout ¾" x ¼" milled Brass backs. These saws are solid, well balanced and smooth cutting. Filed rip for cutting tenons, which is...
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Lie-Nielsen Tapered Tenon Saw
Lie-Nielsen Tapered Tenon Saw
Lie-Nielsen have redesigned their three most popular back saws to feature a slight tapering of the blade from toe to heel. This taper gives you better control over precise cuts. When you reach the gauge line on the front of your stock, the blade is slightly above the line on the back side, which reduces the risk of sawing past your line. In addition, the taper introduces an angled approach to your...
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Rob Cosman Large Tenon Saw - Rip Cut - Ebony Resin HandleRob Cosman Large Tenon Saw - Rip Cut - Ebony Resin Handle
Rob Cosman Large Tenon Saw - Rip Cut - Ebony Resin Handle
Unique features include; Start the kerf easily with the Super Fine 20 tpi starting tip, then gain the speed you need for heavy cuts with the 12 tpi blade - we eased the angle of the cutting face a few degrees to reduce the grabbing that accompanies larger saw teeth. Very slight .002” (per side) set makes for dead straight saw cuts and smooth ready to glue surfaces - the blade is 12 inches...
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Veritas Tenon SawsVeritas Tenon Saws
Veritas Tenon Saws
The unique designs of the Veritas carcass saws and dovetail saws have proved to be extremely popular and Veritas have now introduced two superb tenon saws to complement their range. They combine the best characteristics of this fine classic joinery saw with those of state-of-the-art materials and construction methods. The tooth pattern on the thin high-carbon steel blade provides a good balance...
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