Starrett Bevelled Steel Straight Edge 24'/600mmStarrett Bevelled Steel Straight Edge 24'/600mm
Starrett Bevelled Steel Straight Edge 24'/600mm
The Starrett 385 Series Steel Straight Edges are precision ground and nicely finished to rigid Starrett standards. They are unexcelled for drawing or scribing straight lines and checking surfaces for straightness. Their thickness and design permit them to retain shape and accuracy, but still be portable and easy to handle.
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Veritas Aluminium Straightedges
Veritas Aluminium Straightedges
These anodized aluminium straight edges are 1¾" high and 7/16" wide, and will not rust. The reference edge is machined flat to within 0.003" over the entire length. They are available in three lengths, 24", 38" and 50". The 24" straight edge weighs 1lb, the 38" weighs just under 2lb, and the 50" version weighs 2.5lb.
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Veritas Steel Straightedges
Veritas Steel Straightedges
Shop accuracy begins with a benchmark straightedge as a surface reference. These Canadian-made Veritas precision steel straightedges are ground flat over the entire length on both edges, the 24" lengths to within 0.0010" and the 36" length to within 0.0015". All have been stress relieved to remain true under temperature variation. Useful for checking whether surfaces are flat or...
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Lee Valley Winding SticksLee Valley Winding Sticks
Lee Valley Winding Sticks
Winding sticks are not new; woodworkers have been making them for years from scrap wood and using them to check the flatness of material. Placed at opposite ends of a board, they accentuate any twist (wind), making it easier to identify and correct. With the sticks in place, sight across their top edges. If the edges are parallel, the board is not twisted. Reposition and repeat to check the entire...
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Veritas Ruler StopVeritas Ruler Stop
Veritas Ruler Stop
The Veritas ruler stop increases the usefulness of a metal ruler by providing a solid reference point. It is ideal for setting saw fences, repeat cuts, etc. To use, slide the stop over the ruler end and tighten it at the desired position. The notched post at the tip of the brass adjustment screw allows even the thinnest rulers to be clamped securely; it will not mar the ruler edge. Repositioning...
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