Crucible Dovetail TemplateCrucible Dovetail Template
Crucible Dovetail Template
The Crucible Dovetail Template marks out dovetail joints – both the tails and the pins – and allows you to easily and accurately lay out the angled and straight parts of the joint. This template marks out the two most common dovetail slopes, 1:6 and 1:8 (9.5° and 7.1° respectively). This solid steel template is based on a discontinued version from Woodjoy Tools. We contacted...
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Rob Cosman Shawn Shim Dovetail Offset ToolRob Cosman Shawn Shim Dovetail Offset Tool
Rob Cosman Shawn Shim Dovetail Offset Tool
One of the most difficult tasks in hand cutting dovetails is accurately transferring the tails and precisely sawing the pins. Rob's improved method of transferring tails to the pin board by offsetting the tailboard by the thickness of the saw kerf takes all the guess work out of where to saw. Offsetting by the exact thickness can be challenging, but the Shawn Shim helps improve your offset...
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Veritas 14° Dovetail Saddle Marker (1:4)
Veritas 14° Dovetail Saddle Marker (1:4)
This new 14° marker is designed to approximate a 1:4 ratio, for those who prefer this angle when working in thinner stock, as it not only provides stronger material interlock than traditional ratio angles but produces a slightly exaggerated dovetail joint that many find attractive. The long legs ensure accurate registration. Also, much like the Veritas saddle square they are based on, they allow...
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Veritas Dovetail MarkersVeritas Dovetail Markers
Veritas Dovetail Markers
For quick, accurate marking of dovetails, this pair of Veritas Dovetail Markers are the best available. With riding ledges on both sides, these 50 x 50mm markers can be flipped over to scribe both slopes of the dovetail. They are designed so the entire ledge is riding on the reference face, even when marking edge dovetails. The relieved corners at the join of the body ensure perfect seating....
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Veritas Dovetail Saddle MarkersVeritas Dovetail Saddle Markers
Veritas Dovetail Saddle Markers
These Veritas dovetail saddle markers are precision machined at 1:6 and 1:8 angles, the traditional angles for softwood and hardwood dovetails respectively. The long legs ensure accurate registration. Also, much like the Veritas® Saddle Square™ they are based on, they allow a continuous line to be transferred around the corner, so the straight and angled lines can be scribed at the same...
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Sterling Tool Works Saddle-TailSterling Tool Works Saddle-Tail
£120.00 inc VAT

Rob Cosman Dovetail Marker
Rob Cosman Dovetail Marker
The Rob Cosman dovetail marker allows you to layout both the angled face mark and the squared end mark. Marking dovetail pins and tails can be a tedious task without a well designed marker, Rob's enables you to do so quickly and accurately. Made from Eastern Maple, Rob planes the angles on a shooting board to ensure accurate gauges. One side is 1 in 6 (1:6 rake) for laying out softwood dovetails,...
£32.50 inc VAT
Veritas Saddle Square
Veritas Saddle Square
Veritas Small Saddle Square - Transferring a line from one surface to another with a small square is not easy. Our saddle square allows you to scribe two perpendicular surfaces at one time. But, more importantly, it allows you to pick up on a line already scribed & accurately transfer it to another perpendicular face. With 1 1/4" (32mm) & 2 1/4" (57mm) inside legs, it can wrap a...
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Veritas Large Saddle Square
Veritas Large Saddle Square
Veritas Large Saddle Square - Many of the people who purchased the small saddle square have asked for a larger version. This version has 1-3/8" x 3-3/8" legs to accommodate a standard 2 x 4 e.g., for stud wall layout. It also has a slot machined through the centre to help lay out stud locations. Simply mark the centres of your studs on top and bottom plate, then place the square so that the...
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Veritas Mitre SaddleVeritas Mitre Saddle
Veritas Mitre Saddle
When working on small items such as picture frames, a large combination square or try square can often be cumbersome. Not so with the new Veritas mitre saddle. The relatively small size makes it easy to use. Despite its small size, it still has a large reference face (3-1/2" at the wide end) set at 45°. The leg measures 1" wide by 2-1/4" long. As with the saddle squares, the sides are machined...
£14.50 inc VAT