Veritas Card Scraper BurnisherVeritas Card Scraper Burnisher
Veritas Card Scraper Burnisher
A new take on typical single-handled burnishers, this latest tool from Veritas is an innovative design permitting a two handed grip, improving control so you can roll precisely the sort of hook you want on your scraper. As comfortable to grip as a spokeshave, it is held between the thumbs and forefingers, keeping your fingertips close to the carbide rod. This gives you much better tactile feedback,...
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Veritas Variable Burnisher
Veritas Variable Burnisher
Cabinet scrapers are among the most useful (and least expensive) tools in a woodworking shop. Unfortunately, many woodworkers have difficulty putting the optimum hook on a scraper for the job at hand. Since scrapers have four working edges, it is possible to make one into a highly versatile tool with each edge having a different cutting characteristic. The problem most people have is choosing the...
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Clifton Burnisher
Clifton Burnisher
The Clifton Burnisher is a great tool for honing the edges of your cabinet scrapers. This item has a 5" long blade x 7/16" diameter (11mm) made from Sheffield produced hardened carbon steel (hardened to 62 rockwell). It has a Walnut handle with a specially designed brass ferrule that protects the fingers and knuckles.
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Veritas Round BurnisherVeritas Round Burnisher
Veritas Round Burnisher
The secret to effective hand scraping is a good hook on the edge of the scraper. The Veritas burnisher has an extra hard, smooth finish that not only forms a uniform hook on all shapes of scrapers, but also minimises friction during burnishing. Hardened to Rc58-60, this burnisher is substantially harder than the scrapers on which it is used. The 5/16" diameter A2 tool steel rod is 4 3/4"...
£42.15 inc VAT

Lie Nielsen Carbide Burnisher
Lie Nielsen Carbide Burnisher
Creating a burr on a scraper requires a hard, highly polished surface. The Lie Nielsen Carbide Burnishers have a 4" polished solid Carbide shank held in a Cherry handle. A flared Brass bolster protects your fingers while burnishing.
£79.00 inc VAT
Pax Burnisher
Pax Burnisher
Used in conjunction with Cabinet Scrapers to hone their edges after use. * Walnut handle with Brass Ferrule * Steel blade * Puts burr back on Cabinet Scrapers to keep their edges sharp
£22.00 inc VAT

Arno Carbur 2 Solid Carbide BurnisherArno Carbur 2 Solid Carbide Burnisher
Arno Carbur 2 Solid Carbide Burnisher
The burnisher has two solid carbide rods for turning a hook. The round rod is ideal for turning a hook on scrapers with a typical hardness in the Rockwell (c) range of 40 to 51. The pointed rod is used when the round rod won't turn a hook because of the hardness of the steel. The pointed rod focuses your downward pressure on a single point and can turn a hook on the hardest scrapers. (Note the...
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Veritas Jointer/Edger
Veritas Jointer/Edger
This jointer/edger can be used on cabinet scrapers, scraper plane blades, handsaws and ski edges. It has a 45° jointing capability as well as the standard 90°. The handle has a comfortable, ergonomic shape and the screws are designed so they can be tightened with a small coin (to accommodate skiers). In the shop, it is invaluable for jointing scrapers and handsaws; the fence is relieved next...
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Vallorbe 10" Blunt Mill File Single CutVallorbe 10" Blunt Mill File Single Cut
Vallorbe 10" Blunt Mill File Single Cut
Vallorbe single cut mill files are used in preparation for saw sharpening, and for squaring the edges of cabinet scrapers prior to sharpening. Can be used in conjunction with Veritas Jointer/Edger. Handles are also available, please see separate listing.
£10.45 inc VAT
Hock BurnishersHock Burnishers
Hock Burnishers
Hock burnishers are hardened (Rc64) and polished high carbon tool-steel rods that stand up well to constant use on scraper edges. Most others are not hard enough for this demanding application. Needs to be handled. Size: 3/8" x 6
£15.00 inc VAT

Pfeil Oval Burnisher
Pfeil Oval Burnisher
The Pfeil Oval Burnisher is used for burnishing cabinet scrapes. Its oval section is a mirror polished steel bar and is 160mm long with cherry handle.
£28.00 inc VAT
Pfeil Round Burnisher
Pfeil Round Burnisher
The Pfeil Round Burnisher is used for burnishing cabinet scrapes. 9mm diameter polished steel bar, 165mm long with cherry handle.
£22.50 inc VAT

Pfeil Triangular Burnisher
Pfeil Triangular Burnisher
Pfeil Triangular Burnisher has a triangular section mirror polished steel bar, 160mm long with cherry handle.
£26.50 inc VAT
Veritas Scraper Burnisher for WoodturnersVeritas Scraper Burnisher for Woodturners
Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Woodturners
The Veritas Scraper Burnisher turns scrapers into cutting tools. Woodturners who are used to using scrapers with a grinder burr will be amazed at the difference a smooth edge-hook can make. After grinding a scraper, you just deburr the flat face and roll a hook onto the edge. The pressure you use determines the size of the hook. Two 1" long carbide burnishing rods are supplied. One is ground...
£49.50 inc VAT

Replacement Carbide Rods for Veritas Scraper Burnisher for TurnersReplacement Carbide Rods for Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Turners
Replacement Carbide Rods for Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Turners
Replacement 5° and 10° carbide rods for the Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Turners.
£11.75 inc VAT