Winding Sticks - Mahogany

Winding Sticks - Mahogany
Winding Sticks - MahoganyWinding Sticks - MahoganyWinding Sticks - Mahogany

Product Reference: FFM-MWS

These high-quality winding sticks are made out of stable Honduras Mahogany with a Maple sighting inlay. They can be used for "boning" or sighting a job, checking for squareness over a door opening or checking for twist or "wind" in a flat component. This size of 400mm length is the most used and popular at Rowden Fine Furniture Makers. The sticks are polished up in Shellac with a wax finish.

These winding sticks are sure to be a great addition to your tool collection.
Price: 71.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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