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Veritas String Inlay Tool System
Ref: 05K11XX

Used much like a marking gauge, this inlay tool lets you accurately cut narrow grooves in a workpiece as well as neatly slice fine strings from a sheet of veneer. Its interchangeable blade system lets you quickly swap blades to suit the activity.

The hook-shaped blade is designed to cut grooves. Used in a sweeping push-pull motion, it has outlining spurs on one side of the blade to score the groove edges, and a cutting edge on the other to remove material. The result is a very clean, defined groove with no tear-out.

To slice strings of consistent width, the bevel-edged, spear-point blade is used for cutting in either direction. The blades can be offset up to 3¼" from the brass fence (or up to 9¼" with the optional 10" guide rods). Posts projecting from the fence let you pivot the blade into the work when starting a cut, and also serve as limiters to control cut depth (you can remove the posts to attach a custom radiused wooden sub-fence when working with a curved-edge workpiece).

By replacing the cutter head with the optional pencil holder, you can draw a design on your work exactly as it will be cut. In addition to providing a line to follow with the cutter, it serves as a dry run to preview how the design will look on your workpiece. The optional compass centre, used in lieu of the fence, lets the cutter head or pencil holder make circles and arcs with radii from 3/4" to 3¾" (up to 9¾" with the 10" rods). While not strictly required, using a pin awl (available separately) to define the centre mark for the compass head makes it easy to position the compass on the workpiece.

The basic inlay tool system includes the cutter head, a brass-faced fence and two blades: a 0.032" groove blade and a slicing blade. An additional cutter head (without blades) can be purchased, letting you keep a second blade ready to quickly switch from grooving to slicing or from one groove size to another. The compass centre and pencil holder are available separately or in combination with the basic system.

Optional 0.025" and 0.040" groove blades, as well as 10" long steel guide rods, are available separately. All blades are spring steel (hardened to Rc45-50) and double ended; when one edge dulls they can be flipped to expose a second sharp blade.

An excellent tool system for layout, cutting and fitting of string inlay. Made in Canada.

Prices include VAT.

Unfortunately the Inlay Groove Cutter & 0.040" blade are not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list. 

Veritas String Inlay Tool System


Veritas Inlay Groove Cutter  88.00
Veritas Inlay Compass Centre  15.50
Veritas Layout Pencil Holder  22.00
Veritas Pair of 10" Rods  11.00
Veritas Inlay Cutter Head  15.50
Veritas Replacement Slicing Blade - Fine  8.75
Veritas Replacement Groove Blade - 0.025"  16.25
Veritas Replacement Groove Blade - 0.032"  16.25
Veritas Replacement Groove Blade - 0.040"  16.25

Veritas Template Groove Cutter, Inlay Chisel and Pin Awl
Ref: 05K12XX

With slender handles for pencil-like control, these tools are useful for freehand inlay work and following templates. They are also good complements to our inlay groove and slicing tool since the groove and chisel tools can be used to clean up, deepen or terminate grooves without widening them.

The template groove cutter is available in 0.025", 0.032" and 0.040" widths and has a V-notched hook blade that scores the edges of grooves for quickly cutting clean channels. The chisel, available in the same widths, has a 30° bevel, and is used for squaring the ends of a groove or for widening a groove section. The awl has a fine tip for marking centers for compass work, and for nudging uncooperative strings into position.

The ABS/nylon handles are ribbed for grip. All measure about 6" long. Blades are made of spring steel hardened to Rc48-51. Available individually or in sets.

Made in Canada.

Prices include VAT.

Unfortunately the Inlay Chisel - 0.025" is not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list. 

Veritas Template Groove Cutter, Inlay Chisel and Pin Awl


Veritas Pin Awl  11.26
Veritas Groove Cutter - 0.025"  17.75
Veritas Groove Cutter - 0.032"  17.75
Veritas Groove Cutter - 0.040"  15.25
Veritas Inlay Chisel - 0.032"  16.75
Veritas Inlay Chisel - 0.040"  16.75

Veritas String Inlay Scraper
Ref: 05P3210

The critical dimension for string inlay material is thickness. If too thick it won’t fit into the groove; too thin, and it will leave an unsightly gap. This tool scrapes veneer - or any narrow, thin stock up to 2½" wide - to the exact thickness required.

Instead of a sole that travels on top of the material, it has two skates to elevate the blade from the work surface. This allows the inlay material to pass underneath the tool, and the skates to act as a depth stop for the blade. The blade height is adjusted relative to the work surface and is set to match the width of the inlay groove (just use the thickness of your grooving blade as a shim when setting the blade height; no need to fiddle with micrometers or rulers). The inlay is then scraped until the skates make full contact with the work surface.

The 2¾" wide blade has two edges ground at 45° so that the blade can be flipped over, reducing the frequency of sharpening sessions. Two brass clamps, tightened with thumbscrews, hold the blade. The skates are 3" apart to allow the tool to be skewed to accommodate changing grain direction and prevent chatter marks.

To speed up bulk production of string, the stock can be clamped to a strip of MDF or other flat material and two included pins screwed into the bottom of the scraper to act as guides, keeping the scraper skates on the strip. An accurate and reliable way to achieve exact thickness.

Made of aluminum with brass hardware and wood handles, it is 10¼" x 3" overall.

Made in Canada.

Price includes VAT. 

Price: 65.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas String Inlay Scraper


Veritas Inlay Cutter Head for Router Plane
Ref: 05P3845

This simple attachment for a Veritas router plane lets you score a shallow groove to accept inlaid purfling, banding or stringing, taking advantage of the plane’s fence and depth-adjustment mechanism to precisely control groove position and depth.

The cutter head holds a pair of included single-bevel slicing blades that score crisply defined groove outlines across, with or diagonal to the grain. By using a chisel or switching to a standard router plane blade matching or smaller than the width of the desired groove, you can quickly hog out the waste between the scored lines.

An included set of shims and spacers lets you set blade spacing to define groove widths from 1/16" to 15/32" (1.5mm to 12mm). Set includes five each of four sizes of plastic shims (0.002", 0.005", 0.01", 0.02") and one each of 0.04", 0.08" and 0.12" steel spacers.

To score a groove parallel to a straight edge, a fence (available as an optional accessory for the Veritas router plane) is used to guide the cutter blades at a consistent offset from the work edge. For following curved edges, a non-marring brass stylus (included with the inlay cutter head) can be threaded onto the fence rod in place of the straight fence.

Made in Canada.

Click here to view the Veritas router plane

Unfortunately this item is not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list.

Price includes VAT. 

Price: 56.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Inlay Cutter Head for Router Plane


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