Tormek TNT-00 Storage Tray

Tormek TNT-00 Storage Tray
Tormek TNT-00 Storage Tray

Product Reference: T-TNT-00

The Tormek TNT-00 Storage Tray stores all the jigs included with their Woodturner's Kit. The storage tray has an improved design and is customized to fit in the Tormek Case TC-800 and the Sharpening Station TS-740.

The storage tray is made of EPP, a permanent construction material that is durable and ready for many years of holding jigs in their places.

Designed to hold:

TNT-300 Woodturner's Instruction Box
TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter
MH-380 Machine Cover
LA-120 Profiled Honing Wheel
SVD-186R Gouge Jig
SVS-50 Multi Jig
SVD-110 Tool Rest
Price: 20.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

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