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Tormek MB-100 Multi Base

Tormek MB-100 Multi Base
Tormek MB-100 Multi BaseTormek MB-100 Multi Base

Product Reference: CL-217

With the Multi Base MB-100, you can sharpen on the side of the Tormek Diamond Wheels, thus creating a completely flat bevel that is preferable in some applications. The MB-100 has an adjustment line that allows you to fix the sharpening position based on the optimal setting for each tool and jig. For convenience, it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

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Scruffy packaging. Tool unused.


This tool is from either...

A collection of tools recently acquired by Classic Hand Tools from a customer who has decided to condense his big armoury of hand tools to more closely reflect his future workshop needs


From shelves and boxes we have cleared so that we can increase the distance between workstations at Classic Hand Tools (particularly Fraser's)


Slightly damaged/soiled or old stock we need to say goodbye to.

We may use the following grading system (as used in antique tool auction sales) to further inform you of the condition of the tool

G.... Good (usually means it has been used but in perfectly good working order)
G+ ...an improvement on G, usually just cosmetic
G++....used but in very good condition.
F-....very small cosmetic blemishes
F... as new

We do if anything slightly down grade the condition of a tool so when you receive it you are not disappointed!. You do have our no quibble return policy to rely on.
Price: 48.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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