The Secret Mitre Dovetail with David Charlesworth

The Secret Mitre Dovetail with David Charlesworth

Product Reference: DVD-TSMD-DC

From his workshop in Devon, David discusses the Secret Mitre Dovetail, which has a reputation for being among the most difficult joints to cut successfully. In this DVD, David will show you that this fascinating joint, with many uses, is not as hard as one might think. David’s specialty is getting the most out of hand tools in precise, original and efficient ways, and his methods aim to eliminate common problems.

1. The Joint and its History
2. Timber Preparation
3. Clamping Blocks
4. Designing the Joint
5. Marking Out
6. Rebates
7. Marking the Pins
8. Roughing Out
9. Final Cuts
10. Pin Board Edge Mitres - Sawing
11. Pin Board Edge Mitres
12. Transfer
13. Sockets
14. Assess Fit and Adjust
15. Socket Board Edge Mitres
16. The Long Mitre
17. Preparing for Glue Up
18. Sawing Off Clamping Blocks
19. Final Planing

168 minutes, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2014.
Price: 29.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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