Sterling Tool Works Precision Protractor

Sterling Tool Works Precision Protractor

Product Reference: STW-PRO-C
This precision protractor uses an etched ruler as the angle beam providing so much more functionality in a precision protractor. Made of tempered steel, the head is satin chrome plated and the etchings black filled for supreme contrast that is easy on the eyes and increases accuracy.

The Sterling Tool Works Precision Protractor comes with a 6" (150mm) tempered steel rule which also has metric graduations. The imperial graduations are in 32nd's of an inch and the metric in mm.

You can add an optional 12" (300mm) rule which has metric graduations in mm with the imperial graduations in 32nds of an inch.

This 12" (300mm) rule can be very useful when longer layouts are required.

Either rule can slide within the captive nut to extend to what ever length is needed, this makes this protractor infinitely more usable than the fixed arm protractors from other makers.

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