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Sterling Tool Works Replacement Combination Square Rules

Many have combination squares, they are usually second hand or heirlooms that have been passed down in the family. In many instances the rules are corroded and treatments to removed the rust leave them shiny and more difficult to read. Sterling Tool Works is now offering Premium replacement rules that are precision made in the USA. The rules are chemically etched, etchings blackened, tempered and satin chrome plated for excellent resolution that is easy on the eyes.

Give your vintage Combination Square an upgrade with a new rule! Available in English Metric graduations; .5mm, 1mm and 64th, 32nd inches.

Note: Sterling Tool Works cannot guarantee that these rules will fit ALL vintage square heads, they have tested with several different makers and vintages that they have on hand and all have worked. The critical dimensions to verify if these will work are:

12" / 24" Rule:

Thickness = .088" / 2.2mm
Width Total = 1" / 25.4mm
Width Edge to Groove = .46" / 11.7mm
Groove Width = .093" / 2.4mm

6" Rule:

Thickness = .079" / 2mm
Width Total = .73" / 18.5mm
Width Edge to Groove = .32" / 8.1mm
Groove width = .090" / 2.3mm 

Sterling Tool Works Replacement Combination Square Rules


Sterling Tool Works Replacement 6" Combination Square Rule 42.00
Sterling Tool Works Replacement 12" Combination Square Rule 42.00
Sterling Tool Works Replacement 24" Combination Square Rule 86.00

Sterling Tool Works Precision Protractor

This precision protractor uses an etched ruler as the angle beam providing so much more functionality in a precision protractor. Made of tempered steel, the head is satin chrome plated and the etchings black filled for supreme contrast that is easy on the eyes and increases accuracy.

The protractor comes with a 6" rule that is tempered steel and has English Metric graduations; English graduations are in 32nd's and Metric are in mm.

You can add an optional 12" rule that is tempered steel and has English Metric graduations; English graduations are in 32nd's and Metric are in mm. This 12" rule can be very useful when longer layouts are required.

Either rule can slide within the captive nut to extend to what ever length is needed, this makes this protractor infinitely more usable than the fixed arm protractors from other makers.

Prices include VAT 

Sterling Tool Works Precision Protractor


Sterling Tool Works 6" Precision Protractor 47.50
Sterling Tool Works 6" and 12" Precision Protractor 71.50

Sterling Tool Works Roubo Curves

Roubo Curves™ are metal french curves on “steroids”, the largest curve in the three piece set is 18 inches long! This metal french curve set is scaled to a perfect size for full scale work. The set is made from 304 Stainless Steel precision cut with a laser and tumbled in media to debur all the flash and give a nice matte finish that is easy on the eyes for layout work – No Glare. This will be the most durable set of french curves you ever own. Bring some beautiful curves into your next project!


Price: 88.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Sterling Tool Works Roubo Curves


Sterling Tool Works Double Square

This precision square is supplied with one traditional graduated rule and a dovetailing rule providing a very versatile tool with many uses. The standard rule provides a wonderful compact square with excellent accuracy rivaling common machinist square accuracies of .001" per inch, per U.S. federal standard: GGG-S-656E. Available with either a 4" or 6" precision etched rule with chrome satin finish with blackened etches that is easy on your eyes for excellent contrast and improved accuracy.

The included Sterling "Dovetailing Rule" is incredibly handy for checking the squareness of your dovetails to ensure excellent fit and "gap less" joints after assembly. The reduced size of one end of the un-graduated rule allows precise checking of squareness in even some of the tightest "London style" dovetails. Regular size rules simply cannot reach into the spaces the Sterling Dovetailing Rule can. The Dovetailing Rule is hardened, precision ground and finished with the same satin Chrome finish as the standard rule.

The powder coated square casting provides the accuracy required but avoids the stock-heavy feel of a solid machinist’s square, providing excellent balance and feel. Rules lock securely in any position from full left to full right with the tightening of the knurled thumbscrew.

The Sterling Double Square is available with these precision etched rules:

4" Length with English/Metric graduations = .5mm, 1mm, 32nds, 64ths
6" Length with English/Metric graduations = .5mm, 1mm, 32nds, 64ths

Superior quality - Made in USA.

The Sterling Dovetailing Rule is also available separately without the double square. Sterling cannot guarantee that the Dovetailing Rule will fit ALL other makers squares but they have tried a handful of other makers 6" combination squares they had on hand such as Starrett, Goddell Pratt, Brown and Sharpe and the dovetailing rule clamped perfectly in both vintage and contemporary squares. The blade is 1.88mm (0.074") thick.

Please note that both the 4" and 6" squares come with the Dovetailing Rule included.

If you'd like to read some more, take a couple of minutes to read through the following reviews:

Unfortunately the 4" and 6" are not currently available. Please call us on 01473 784 983 or email to be added to our waiting list. 

Sterling Tool Works Double Square


Sterling Tool Works Dovetailing Square 57.50
Sterling Tool Works Dovetailing Rule 25.00

Sterling Tool Works Saddle-Tail

Alex used Chris Schwarz's 1:4 marker on both the Anarchist Tool Chest and the Dutch Tool Chest. He liked it so much we contacted Sterling Toolworks immediately. 1:4 slope looks great on both chests. This is the one we would highly recommend.

Introducing the Saddle-Tail™ layout tool, the first tool from Sterling Tool Works. The Saddle-Tail incorporates two common used tools; a dovetail marker and a saddle square into one premium tool.

The Saddle-Tail was inspired by a layout tool from Christopher Schwarz’s personal tool kit, that was designed and made by Christian Groves of Melbourne, Australia. The founder of Sterling Tool Works, Chris Kuehn used this tool during a class he attended, instructed by Mr. Schwarz. Chris expressed an interest to bring a similar design to more hand tool artisans with some improvements and was encouraged to do so. Chris was inspired to bring his love of tools and skills in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Woodworking to provide the Saddle-Tail to other woodworking enthusiasts and launched Sterling Tool Works to do so. The Saddle-Tail became Sterling’s first project and product.

The Saddle-Tail™ is a premier layout tool with several features:

* A very pleasing slope that is good for hardwood or softwoods

* Capable of “gang marking” of ¾” stock for carcass tail layout

* No more marking mishaps – only one slope on this layout tool!
- Many other dovetail markers have multiple slopes and can be inadvertently mixed during your project

* Integral saddle square
- Transfer your layout lines perfectly to a perpendicular face
- No need to go back to your tool chest for a square, flip the Saddle-Tail over and its a saddle-square ready for use!

* Easy to hold and perfectly balanced
- When you grab it, your fingers fall into the machined recess naturally
- Extra precision when you need it most

* Relief on the internal corners for reliable accurate marking
- Even if your board has “fuzz” on the edges

* O-1 Tool Steel and Brass construction, made in the USA

Price incl VAT

Sterling Tool Works Saddle-Tail


Saddle-Tail 1:4 (+69.17)
Saddle-Tail 1:5 (+69.17)
Saddle-Tail 1:6 (+69.17)
Saddle-Tail 1:7 (+69.17)
Saddle-Tail 1:8 (+69.17)

Sterling Tool Works Plane Hammer

The Sterling Tool Works Plane Adjustment Hammer is designed to be used to adjust plane blades and wooden Plane wedges for wooden hand planes. The Hammer is not intended to be used to drive nails or for intense striking of other objects. The wooden “spud” is made from soft wood and is meant to be consumed and replaced. This reduces the marks and dings that are imparted onto your prized wooden plane wedges.

The handles are hand turned and have a wonderful feel in the hand that balances the head very nicely.

The Sterling Plane Hammer is finely manufactured in the USA from Brass Alloy and North American Black Walnut.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 110.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Sterling Tool Works Plane Hammer


Sterling Plane Hammer


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