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Norton Premium 3X Blue Ceramic Bench Wheels 8"
Ref: N076607

Increasingly, today’s woodworking tools are made of hard, tough and difficult to grind steels. A2 is now the standard steel of choice for many high quality plane blades. To grind these steels, the gray wheels sold with the bench and pedestal grinder are ineffective and can cause heat to build up which damages the steel structure and that can result in a brittle edge. The Norton Premium 3X bench wheels are designed to be more abrasive and therefore cut faster which means less build up of heat than other types of grinding wheels available today.

Norton Bench Wheels come complete with bushings. The 8”x1”x1” Bench Wheel fit grinders with 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8” arbors.

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Norton Premium 3X Blue Ceramic Bench Wheels 8


Norton Premium 3X Blue Ceramic Bench Wheels
8”x1”x1” - 46 Grit - 04660 : N07660704660  43.00
8”x1”x1” - 60 Grit - 04659 : N07660704659  43.00


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