Knew Concepts

These robust lightweight KNEW CONCEPTS saws are made in the USA. The men behind these Lee Marshall & Brian Meek, started their adventure designing and improving these saws over 12 years ago.  Lee sadly passed a few years back but his company lives on in Brian's very capable hands. Used widely in the jewellery business both professionally and by hobbyists, these saws crossed the border into the world of woodworking many moons ago, particularly for creating dovetails. British furniture maker, teacher and tool designer David Barron regularly reaches for his Knew Concepts saw when creating his dovetails.

Knew Concepts saws are lightweight but rigid due to their unique design and material choice with either aeroplane grade aluminium or titanium as the premium option.  

OK they are a frame for a saw blade so you need these too. That's easy enough as we stock the PEGAS SAW BLADES (made in Switzerland) for you. We always include a dozen saw blades with your new Knew Concepts saw so there is no reason why you can't get going straight away. 

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