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Oire Nomi Suminagashi
Ref: J-NSO

Overall length 220mm (blade 60mm)

These chisels are made from blue steel in the Sanjo region of Japan. They are blacksmith made chisels and come ready sharpened.

The high carbon-steel edge guarantees perfect sharpness and precision and is backed by a body of softer iron - a perfect 'shock absorber'. This backing iron is "folded" and then etched in acid to reveal the distinctive damascas pattern which is particularly attractive in the wider chisels.

Beautifully balanced with traditional red oak handles.

Single, double or triple hollow ground depending on chisel width.

These chisels are available individually or in a set of 6.

Set of 6 - 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, and 30mm

Prices include VAT

Oire Nomi Suminagashi


Oire Nomi Suminagashi:3mm NS001  99.50
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:6mm NS002  99.50
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:9mm NS003  99.50
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:12mm NS004  129.00
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:15mm NS005  135.00
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:18mm NS006  145.00
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:21mm NS007  160.00
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:24mm NS008  174.00
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:30mm NS009  183.00
Oire Nomi Suminagashi:Set of 6 J-NS060  780.00


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