JB Diamond Sharpening Plate

JB Diamond Sharpening Plate
JB Diamond Sharpening PlateJB Diamond Sharpening Plate

Product Reference: JB-DSP

JBS stands for James Barry Sharpening Systems. Established in 1991 they have been designing, manufacturing and supplying precision diamond plates for more than 25 yrs. The emphasis has always been on making a quality product and ensuring all sharpening processes as easy & as fast as possible. JBS has produced this JB diamond plate following a request from Classic Hand Tools to produce a precision quality product for users whom either need a diamond plate to flatten water/oil stones or simply a quicker method in improving the flattening process of the backs of chisels and plane blades alike.

8" x 3" (200mm x 75mm).

180 GRIT (70 micron) - This side has unique clearance channels to assist in removal of heavy amounts of residue when sharpening or flattening. This grit size has a very fast rate of removal of stock, in fact it is like a grinder without need for electricity. Ideal for flattening water or oil stones and the grinding of chisels and plane blades.

600 GRIT (25 micron) - The 600 grit, 25 micron side has a continual surface. Ideal for flattening and removal of the initial "scratch marks" created by the 180 grit cut.

  • Apply lubricant, Trend lapping fluid is recommended as being the best product for diamond abrasives.
  • Take an old or used chisel or plane blade and flatten the back on the surface on the plate. Do not apply pressure, always let the diamond do the work. Applying pressure does not achieve a faster cut, in fact the opposite, one loses the "feel" of the diamond often resulting in over sharpening.
  • Try to use all of the surface of the diamond stone as over a period of years you will achieve a uniform reduction in abrasion.
  • When you buy a JB diamond plate you will find they are very crisp from new. There is a breaking in period where both sides will become less aggressive over time.

  • Try to use the whole surface of the plate. This will ensure even wear.
  • After use, apply more lapping fluid to loosen any build up of residue. Remove this with a soft damp cloth, removing any further residue with a cleaning block.
  • Dry stone and store in SackUp (supplied)
  • For best results we recommend using a rubber cleaning stick (supplied) and Trend Lapping Fluid (not included but available separately)

  • Double sided diamond sharpening/flattening plate
  • Silicone infused SackUp
  • Non-slip rubber mat
  • Rubber cleaning stick
Price: 95.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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